Tech. Sargent Hank, ELITE MASTERY shield charger HELP

It says I have too keep my entire team shielded for 120 seconds and I’ve done that so many times but it isn’t working, does it have to be in a certain game mode? Do they have to be fully shielded? I’m so lost.

I’m on PS4 btw, stage 2ers beware!

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It shouldn’t matter about game mode. Easiest way is to just go into a hunt, pop your AOE shield, top everyone off and avoid the monsters for a few minutes, then kill after 5+ minutes is up.


Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks.


Go into custom games, AI bots (favor hunters), set time limit to 40, wildlife level to low, then just charge up everyone’s shields when you land from the dropship, wait it out for 10 mins or so, then hunt down the monster.

Should do the trick.