Tech Hank vs Wraith (Orbital Drill auto-targets Decoy)


I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I think it’s something that should be changed.

The Orbital Drill from Tech Sgt. Hank doesn’t target the Wraith but the Decoy.


We are going to be working on Wraiths Decoy. Please continue to give feedback on anything you feel that seems off with it. Thank you.


I dont know whether this is the right place to put it but here goes:
It seems that Griffins harpoon gun doesnt limit the Wraiths traversals or Warp blast mobillity as long as the decoy is active, even if its dashing straight away from you.


hmmm that’s interesting I’ll look into that. Do you think you might be able to grab a video of it?


I will try!


we played a match that lasted about 14 mins won by time out… we were constantly fighting hide and seek wraith in dome…

can you remove or tonedown knockback on decoy charge… like every time decoy comes at you even before it swipes u get knocked back… i dont mind it going rabid and bersek but the intial charge knocks you back wastes your jetpack or positioning …


Got Video
Grabbed a video, these are the 2 most clear situations where the wraith blatantly disregards the harpoon.


Thank you for the video I shall take a look at this.