Teams that beat wraith


cabot abe hyde caira or val

teams wraith beat
everything else

Hunters that wraith counter

Were gonna fix the decoy removes everything execpt DOTS abes tracking dart and slow grenade cabots tagging dust


Wait did turtle rock say that the deocy wouldn’t stop those things?


people been saying they do

and while wraiths in supernova any harpoons are useless


What Wraith counters: bads who think they can solo monsters

What counters wraith: intelligent play and people who work as a team


Highly idealistic, but not entirely true. Wraith is pretty strong right now. Decoy does a lot of work for the player. It certainly is possible to kill a Wraith, but it is an uphill battle.


who said anything about bads?
because of how wraith works it beats any team that does not have abe cabot hyde and either medic
You need atleast abe to stand a figthing chance
Sure maggie and griffin can slow her down a bit when chasing
but when the supernovas fly there pretty much useless
parnell and markov?
markov would do “ok”
parnell is pretty much boned
its a game chicken
If he pops super soldier wraith decoys and warp blast away
if she uses decoy
Oh well
she still has warp blast to get away from parnell
Say good bye to ever using orbital strike
You had a shield?
Never noticed -wraith
buckets drones get destroyed in seconds by super nova


So that 70% win rate is because everyone tries to solo the monster?


It is very possible to kill a wraith without hyde abe cabot
Just very very hard
You will need to be able to deal massive damage before she can run away
Which is where markov comes in
if you don’t have abe or cabot do not pick hyde your better if with markov to bait wraith into the mines when she trys to super nova and be prepared to stop the decoy from blowing them up for her


I had huge succes as Griffin vs Wraith. Those sensors inside a dome make it so easy to spot the target,


Every hunter is good against wraith in their own way. Markov and bucket are REALLY strong due to the heavy mine damage and the turret’s ability to shred armor.

Laz = no death penalties, that’s crucial for fighting the wraith. Just stay hidden and poke around dead bodies until you can stealth and rez.

Maggie can track the wraith, and Daisy can detect a stealthed wraith. I don’t know if it’s intended, but my team was able to snag an invisible wraith due to Daisy’s icons and gesture. I’ve stopped full-range abducts PLENTY of times with Maggie with harpoons.

Griffin = fast tracking spikes. Easy to find a monster that retraces your steps. He is also the 2nd trapper that can stop an abduct from happening.

Hank can orbital in the dome when it’s placed right, forcing the wraith to stay away in some locations or get revealed from stealth. Also shield = saving your medic from getting supernova’d into extinction.

Haven’t seen Parnell in action enough against any monster.


Just played 2 games against Wraith, won both times


all you have to do to beat the wraith is keep on different heights and keep running away. any time i’ve seen a wraith die its because of turret spam and waiting until the wraith is forced into the power button room.

it’s kind of stupid that you’re forced into a boring camp at the end of a game if you avoid the hunters until level 3.


Just said that markov was a good choice if you don’t have cabot
the reason for abe is to actauctly TRACK the monster not fight it considering it has decoys warp blast to very quickly lose sight having darts to constantly see the wraith is too valuable to give up
But generaly the best possible team is hyde ciara cabot and abe(since daisy spots steathed wraith) maggie too anti abduction doesn’t seem all that usefull unless she abducts you to a place where it would take a while for your team to get to you which in a arena there aren’t many.

The reason for this team setup
Wraith is squishy and hard to pin down

Abe’s slowing grenades counteract her supernova and tracking darts make her infinitly more easy to track espiacly against her stealth

hyde is the DOT king he will ALWAYS being dealing damage to the wraith even if she throws out decoy and goes invinsible

cabot can make use of wraiths decoy downtime to deal as much damage as possible as possible in the shortest amount of time

caira can also deal some dot so thats usefull
But what makes her the best medic pick
Is here speed boost and aoe heal to counteract wraiths aoe damage


I just got wrecked as a Wraith by a Hyde/Cabot combo. The two of them were in a party; I had faced them previously as Goliath, and they really gave me a run for my money. I was only barely able to pull it out, but against the Wraith the damage was simply too much.

Maggie and Val rounded out the team. The tranqs kept me pinned good, and the Harpoon traps caught me mid abduct/warp multiple times.

Cabot’s rail gun prevents Wraith from getting a pounce on isolated players, which is CRUCIAL, as obviously that’s one of her primary tactics. Dust in the dome, and when she breaks free, you’ll be able to follow her for a while. And of course, the damage amp really helps Assault decimate her armor very quickly, which is, again, very important.

A common tactic is for Wraiths in the bubble is to pop a Decoy and wait in some corner for the ability to recharge. Toxic Grenades prevent this from happening. Additionally, Hyde’s fire helps players keep track of a cloaked Wraith, as well as of course melting her health, ESPECIALLY with the damage amp.

That game, I was warping around constantly, but it wasn’t enough. It was an extremely protracted fight, and Hyde was on my ass the whole time. Eventually, I went down, after killing Hyde, and downing Maggie and Val. by that point I had such little health that Cabot finished me off.

Bear in mind that, as an experiment, I had decided not to use Decoy until S2. However, even after I started using it, the Hunters were still able to keep a bead on me the whole time thanks to tranqs and dust. I doubt I would have won if I had used Decoy from the start.