Teammate highlighting


I tried a search and didn’t see what I was looking for.

I find that during combat I shield or heal the wrong person because it seems like I’m “aiming” at one person but the game wants another. Lol.

Would it be feasible to implement a highlight for your teammates when aiming a support or healing tool at them?

Or maybe just have their name highlighted when aiming at them?


Yes, hate it when i have the shield on someone and it snaps like 20 degrees to another player.


Yes please!!!


This is a great idea, I’m sure there will be more UI improvements to come. I know its been a hot topic lately.



Awesome idea!



I’ve noticed this lately because of Tech Sgt Hank. Been playing a ton of him obviously for the challenge and trying to elite him. So it’s at least once or twice a match that it frustrates me.


You know this has been an issue for so long I legit got used to it and forgot it was an issue…


Why. Is. This. Not. Already. A. Thing?

This is one of the things, that you experience so much that you just kind of take the small set back and right yourself, even though it is much better sorted with some funny HUD indicator.


The more we play and up our skills, the less we notice things like this.
I just noticed by playing arena a lot lately. With the little time you have to set up I always try to shield the medic first. Im using tech Hank, so it’s imperative that my medic get his first/


I think this is the kind of ease of use low level players need!
Even I target the wrong person from time to time but it is rather annoying and just another thing a new player needs to remember.


I think highlighting names would be good. I’ve lost more than one player when my MedGun/Shield didn’t heal/shield the right person. A goliath would be charging my half-health support while my 90% out-of-danger Trapper gets healed. :stuck_out_tongue: Fun times! Strikes are so much fun.

Comments above are right. lol I haven’t noticed it until today! But a highlighting system seems great. Like maybe make the name of the person you will shield glow while others dim a bit to exaggerate it?


I was never bothered by this. I just stop adjust, and continue. kinda automatic, after so long, I guess. Amazing idea, though.


UI is prob going to have a heart attack with another request :stuck_out_tongue: But I do like the direction of something like this.

Thinking of the shielding it reminds me that I wanted to look into the snap angle on shield/medgun. I think part of the initial problem here is that you’re expecting to shield someone and it for some reason snaps to another. I’ll have to go around digging in some files on Monday to see if I can figure something out for this, since it’s something that makes me salty as well.


It’s not about being bothered by it. It’s that one crucial moment when you fire and hit the wrong person and they get killed. It would just be nice to adjust before you fire.


Awesome! Even its just the, what I assume to be an easier route, of going with the name highlighting. At least that would still be an indicator of who is getting your attention.


hey i always thought makeing it so for supports and medics can single target who they want like pressing the up pad for medic or left pad for trapper ect so if youre like in that momment running around a conner and you see trapper low and you press the left pad to make sure it only shields him instead of someone around him that would be cool and to take lock off of someone you double press left so its free and you can manual shield people


Unfortunately those are used to hotswap.


oh you mean with bots I see dang youre right lol maybe by holding down l3 and moving it in a circle until the highlighted player you want is highlighted then double press l3 to cancel lock in mode or the mod is only enabled when looking down the sights maybe?


I don’t know, I think just aiming at your teammate and having them highlighted will be more efficient. But, you never know. These guys have done some awesome things for this game. If anyone can find something useful it’s turtle rock.


I’m using the X-Box and I use every single button as is. I don’t think there can be a combination (that I’d use, anyway) that would be practical and easily/almost easily used.