Teamchat overhaul


Ok first off i have ps4 version of this game i know that this console has reputation for bad voice playback in team speak scenarios. The game needs a filter software that automatically reduces the mic intake if it is picking up a lot of background noises or static or if the idiot wants to sit there and talk forever about nothing that has to do with the game. Programs that i am familiar with deal with this problem by reducing mic gain if the mic is transmitting over a certain percentage of the time or if it is collecting the same noises repetitively.

My problem is for every reasonable player with a decent mic and common courtesy i find about 300 people i end up muting immediately because i cannot hear the game and or cannot concentrate. On a few occasions i have thrown away games because I had to prioritize muting a nuisance player

The muting options need to be upgraded instead of opening game options mid game to stop the awful noises i am getting there needs to be quick mute options. The setup i had in mind was hold touchpad to activate the chat interface while having each player including the monster assigned to a specific button to toggle audio on and off. This control setup for player mic toggle could be applied to in game and lobby control sets without overlapping any pre existing control schemes.


This wold be rather nice. For we PC players it could be the Numpad. Xbox and PS4 users…Meh. :wink: