Team YP banned by ESL


So those who remember the ESL EVOLVE Tournaments will remember this particular controversial pro team, many of us questioned their validity. It took a long time for the ESL to remember their own policy but today IGN ran the story that ESL have banned Team YP from their competitions



Personally I think it’s BS. The sponsor was SFW and there are teams sponsored by Gambling sites and Key Resellers and that’s fine.

I may just be salty because I was in negotiations with Brazzers™ to sponsor Tom and The Meat Beaters…


Only BS IMO is how long it took ESL to apply their own policies but can’t say I’m surprised it ended up this way.


I think the policy itself is flawed. #MLG


I think they were fine… until they became sponsors with a NSFW sponsor.

Once they became sponsors and changed their name (if I’m correct) then not only did it go too far for me but it also doesn’t necessarily help the whole idea of gaming towards non-gamers. Tell non-gamers that the ESL exists and they might roll their eyes, tell them that there is a team called YP that is sponsored by YouPorn and it is just giving more material to anti-game people and media that likes to believe that games make people violent, more sexual, etcetera.

I just really don’t think it’s a good move and all I can say is I’m glad this action was finally taken because when I first heard of this I couldn’t help but think that it was not okay.

######(in my opinion)

Though some aspects of this is bullshit like how even upon changing sponsors they’d still be banned and more.


I think it’s a good move. I dislike that a company with a product that is as sensitive a subject as pornography ever felt it was ok to sponsor people in an arena that is demographically saturated with young people, especially males, when it comes to the competitive scene and those who watch it.

This isn’t the same area as gambling or other “adult themes”, though I do think if people want to try and force ESL to be to the letter with their own rules than that’s cool. There are real issues with sexual attitudes that stem from a mix of a little bit of pornography and a whole lot of ignorance (usually through sub-standard education about sex), and I don’t feel it’s healthy that a set of gamers were out there making out like pornography is all a-ok and by association encouraging young people to go check out what it’s all about when there is somewhat a social responsibility we all hold to ensure that people aren’t entering in to sexual relationships with poor or unrepresentative information about it.

I don’t buy the whole “we’ll rebrand” thing because the links from one to the other are lying bare in the sand. Sure it stops casual viewers from realising that the sponsorship is a porn site but quite frankly there is only one reason businesses sponsor things like this and it’s for exposure of an audience to it’s business! It wouldn’t be offering the rebrand for eSports if it didn’t know that ultimately it’s a futile and pointless experiment for the vast majority of people engaging with that team.

So yeah… I am not sad about it, I feel YouPorn itself is unethical for getting involved in this demographic in the first place and so I’m never going to shed a tear about an organiser like ESL shutting it down for their competitions.

All that said, I’m a liberal guy, I’m not saying don’t watch porn or whatever… but socially there’s a responsibility requirement for anyone involved in advertising to teenagers and young adults.


Couldn’t agree more my friend.


It was always an issue. We all/everyone knew who their sponsors were. Discussion was block in forums and in stream chat mods actively timed out comments.

I applaud the action but not how long it took them…


I don’t know. If a game targeted toward young adults has a sponsor with a product also aimed at young adults. Average age of a gamer is now like 34 years old. I think what bothers me is that you hear all these stories about Professional e-sports and all the match-fixing going on, then allow teams sponsored by Gambling sites.

Porn requires you to be 18
Gambling requires you to be 18

I don’t think you have to let Team YP back in, but at least get the gambling sponsors out as well or in my eyes you have to let both groups in. I think in the realm of e-sports having teams sponsored by Gambling websites are more harmful to image, especially with the cheating scandals coming out, then a porn site sponsorship.


I’d agree with you more on blocking the gambling sponsors, than letting anything fly because of inconsistency.

As for age of gamers, all I’m going by is what I see… the people that watch, the people that stream, the people that make an effort to focus on eSports. There may be plenty of gamers that are “proper adults”, but in that arena I think the age skews downwards. That’s just my impression, I don’t believe there are really any stats to show one way or another on that matter.

Either way, it is an arena with an abundance of young and impressionable minds, and pornography is a much more sensitive issue than gambling in this regard.


There is a very different and defined difference between Gambling and Adult Entertainment sponsorship.

e:-Sports needs to be seen as squeaky clean, cleaning up questionable sponsors is step one.


I’m actually surprised it wasn’t enforced earlier. Though the average age of the ES demographic is 34 lets not forget just how big of a following and how geared it it towards young adults.

It’s not a morality thing or anything else for me. It is just the fact of what it is.
Porn, alcohol and gambling are geared towards adults whom aren’t mature enough to understand the consequences behind them. It’s something that has been happening in real sports with leagues having a tighter and more PG friendly policies.

If ES wants to be taken seriously than it needs to work on the image and bad perceived image that has been holding it back.


I would like to believe that I’m a left winged and (decently)open minded person but we still need to be responsible with how we want ES to grow within its big demographic.

If ES becomes big enough fringe groups and adult targeted leagues will eventually become a thing and open up the door for such target audience to have their content and branding.


How the hell did that fall apart? Curses.


Conflicted about it. I think gambling is on the whole more harmful in my opinion, though I don’t have stats presently. If they oust YP as a sponsor, then I think gambling sponsors should be thrown out just as much. I’ve met people who have ruined their lives with gambling, online or otherwise, I’ve never met anyone who ruined their life by watching porn. Maybe that’s just me though


You all realize that has nothing to do with Evolve right?

Evolve was being watched by like 200 people.The ban came when the time for Dota was up which is watched by millions.

That team was valid and not controversial at all.Ninja Penguins were the best team in Evolve who was winning everything.And YP was the only organization that wanted to sponsor them and of course they took the chance.Also i don’t remember seeing anything pornographic related when i was watching the Evolve tournament.Set aside that the game is rated M

Anyway yeah they did good by banning em for Dota2 or SC2.

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Hold it right there friend…I think you’re mistaken.

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People ruin their own lives through gambling, and those relying on them, absolutely. No one should down play the dangers of gambling. However the relationship between porn, young people, and general lack of education and awareness has it’s own, likely less visible, but ultimately more harrowing effects on life. This is a good article about recent research and the state of sexual relationships, and sexual coercion and it’s sources (in the UK, I can’t imagine it’s dissimilar in the states or some other European countries)

Glorifying either subject without context and proper education is bad, though usually only one actually affects the lives of other people more than it affects the person enamored with the subject.

Srs topic is srs.



I see why, but it’s completely unfair

It’s just a sponsor it’s not like they throw naked people into the crowd


Ho Boy, on the drive home I had some time to think about this, so sit down, strap on and brace yourselves this is a doozy…


I am basing this on what everyone else is hearing as well so I have no knowledge as to the extent Team YP and ESL went to try and patch this before it came to the current situation. Most of this is conjecture and common gosh darn sense!

Now I can’t say I agree with ESL’s decision, but I can also say I’m not exactly surprised. Now what I do find surprising is how ESL is handling it and why this may not be in their best interest.

Perceived Hypocrisy

So I made this point earlier. A lot of people are going to look at this and say, “Well No Shit they banned them, you can’t have a porn site sponsor a video game team, that’s too adult!” But again, a lot of Professional Gamers are sponsored by Gambling sites and there isn’t an issue. Now opinions can differ to which, if either, is worse however legally they are almost the same. For example in the USA, you have to be 18+ to work or view porn and 21+ to enter a Casino (but only 18 to buy a lottery ticket)

To me that makes them legally the same, with the only difference being public perception. Another issue I take with the argument it that a lot of e-sports games are rated M for Mature (PEGI 18, ect) the target audience for some of these sponsors. Now if I ran an organization like ESL I’d have simple rules:

  • No Adult Product Sponsors if your team includes minors
  • No Adult Sponsors in T rated or below games
  • Adult Sponsored Teams must have at least 3 sponsors (2 of which cannot be Adult in nature)
  • Teams cannot be named after Sponsors (team logos at certain dimensions can be on uniforms)

Growing Market

Every time it comes up, the big wigs at ESL/MLG always talk about “e-sports breaking into mainstream”. Hell even the guys a ESPN are starting to look at it more seriously now! So assuming they want this stuff to be as big as “Regular Sports” they are going to have to grow in market share. So how do you do that? You have to get exposure, do live events and all that jazz. A lot of people who go to basketball games, football, futbol matches, baseball games all go and have a great time!

You know what else they do? Drink beers, something that right now ESL probably wouldn’t allow. For every enthusiastic fan, there is possibly their boyfriend/girlfriend who is only making it through thanks to the beer. Also an important thing to keep in mind is WHO is coming to these events. Chances are it’s not a bunch of kids buying tickets to get in and watch…

Team YP and ESL

Now how does all of this relate to Team YP’s current situation? I think personally, they were a little to in-your-face about it. Everybody knew who team YP was. Do I think there is a bunch of kids who saw/would have seen Team YP in play and then found YouPorn and corrupt their little souls?


I was able to find Porn pretty easily back in my day, like my father and his father before me. Now ESL can do whatever they want, it’s their rules. Maybe Team YP offered to change the name but it wasn’t good enough. Maybe ESL knew that the damage was done so no name change was good enough. All I can say is personally, I’d like some gosh darn consistency on this kinda stuff. Another thing is I have seen about a 400% increase in “Team YP and ESL” on the Internet so if they wanted to try and keep from being associated with them, well it might have backfired…


[SPOILER] Yes Read it…[/SPOILER]