Team watches you get pounced

Don’t you just love it when your team just sits there, watching you getting pounced, and does nothing about it? Just played a game as assault against a wraith that was hiding inside the dome. So, naturally I, as assault, go in to flush the wraith out and it pounces me. I ping it to bring attention to it and my team watches me… It goes through my entire shield and 3/4 of my health bar before someone shoots it off and I get downed my a warp blast. The wraith kills everyone except for support and earns a free stage 2. Then, we come back in the drop ship and the exact same situation arises. Dome the wraith and it hides. I go in and it pounces me, while my team watches me die.

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Look for the evolve anonymous thread, works wonders on those headaches teammates will give you.


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