Team vs Team, New Game Mode coming? (Confirmed as a bug)


I posted this in the GrizzleMarine/aSeeds speculation thread, but I wanted to put this up in lights. After me and some friends got dc’ed out of Hunt 2.0, one of my friends got a screenshot of this. He went to Quick Play, and it was still Quick Play. However, when we backed out and clicked on Hunt 2.0, it was still Team vs Team! It remained that way until we went and made a custom. Think we accidentally a thing?

GrizzleMarine/aSeeds doing IRL stuff together?! Wild speculation, NEED ASSISTANCE

And so the hype over a leak begins…

Breathing Intensifies…


Hype Intensifies


####Suspicions Intensifies…



That gif is too perfect. It’s mine now. You can’t stop me ;).

I’ll take your rare pepes too!


Maybe something like

1 team Hunters + monster vs. 2 Team hunters + monster
1 Hunter team fights 2 Team monster while rest watch on spectator, and then 2 team hunters fight 1 team monster and the rest watch on spectator?


In all seriousness I bet TRS is all like “God fking damn it! Another fking leak on things that we want to surprise people with! Son of a ******!!!”


I hope so! May the leak be with us… Always.




I’m gonna post it here again, because this is the topic for it


Now with the speculation. If this removes hunt 2.0 and turns out to be “Online scrims” I’m happy about it. People get the training they need, hopefully with their own team not like now, random, non talking noobs.


Yespls. A re-work of Hunt 2.0 in prep((or with)) TU 9. I hope the accidentally is true…

Don’t let it just be tinfoil hattery q…q


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Keep it to ourselves guys. Let’s not be losers…


Why would you rub your belly at a time like this? :wink:


He ain’t rubbin his belly…


Waitt wut?


Patting it. Got it.


Chances are this thread is going to get unlisted. If this ends up being a big surprise for tomorrow, let’s not spam it everywhere.


Nah he ain’t pattin…