Team that is no challenge



So monsters,show us weakest possible team combination that you can imagine and try to explain why.

I use this in tutorial game vs me,torvald can deal more dmg when you just stand at 1 place and spam spells until win but all assaults are pretty good so It is the only hard decision to make.
kala and wmaggie are no brainer[no shield no damage no cc],q caira is also just rogue val downgrade.


Switch to Wasteland Maggie


yeah i even say wmaggie in OP I just somehow mistaked them,they all looks the same. kek


I would say Lazarus because his only healing is a heal burst on a cooldown, but he forces the monster to camp a downed hunter to secure the strike which could cost the monster a lot of hp

Yes I would say Kala too, her armour reducer is kinda useless in stage 2. Yes it allows hp damage but it doesn’t force the monster to flee from the end of the dome because it’s still got a lot of armour. This also means she’s useless on the chase after domes because nobody can do hp damage when the armour is almost full. Her teleporters die too easy and is useless when a hunter is being focused because the monster can accidently destroy their escape option

I world probably say Crow instead of Waggie, purely because soft cc just isn’t as good as hard cc, and he does less damage than Abe. Crow’s stasis rifle is also very tricky to aim, especially vs mobile monsters or a Kraken. Daisy can lead you directly to the monster whereas you need to know the general direction of the monster to use Gobi.

Lennox is definitely the weakest, especially after her nerfs which has basically killed her, she needs to get into melee range, and one hit can reset her combo making her do the least damage of all assaults