Team Shield Class Ability


I noticed that if you switch on “Team Shield” as a Support Hunter and others walk into your AOE, they do not get the barrier, unlike the Healer who can spread healing by walking around and getting teammates into radius.

Why does “Team Shield” not work this way? If it’s supposed to do that, then this is a Bug.


It functions like the standard heal burst except with a shield. Its meant to be used when everyone is close.


Only Rogue Val can do this. The other medics give a burst of healing upon button press.


I think what hes talking about is the heal burst has a half-second to a second period where if you burst while moving and move into range of a hunter that was initially out of range when the burst is initiated, it will heal that hunter too.


OK… So I wasn’t imagining it? I had heard some talk about how the VFX could “get in the way and trick you”. But I could have sworn I was “netting in” more guys as a Medic with the Class Ability than as Hank with the Shield.

It’s just a game, so you can’t feel too bad about things. But I was a bit confused that I was shield-rushing but it seemed that sometimes it would only save me.

Which is not much good when you’re Support and you’re the only one left. :stuck_out_tongue: