Team selection for different variants


For those of you who are lucky to have their own little hunter group; do you change your characters for different variants? Or stick with your preferred character?

For instance, on defend, we would go with Lazarus, Parnell, Cabot, and Hank for heavy burst. But for hunt we might go with Maggie, Caira, Bucket, and Hyde/Markov for speed/versatility.

What do you guys do? Or do you just wing it?


Val, Abe, Bucket and Parnell make a demonicly awesome team on Nest. Parnell on his own, Bucket on his own, Val and Abe together. Bam. Four eggs down in like two minutes. The devs used it themselves.


Havent heard of that one. I knew bucket scrambled eggs like a mofo though, thanks for the tip!