Team Orb-Mor looking for a dedicated Trapper (PS4 [Silver Elite+])


On our team we always need a casual or ranked trapper to enjoy the game and also play it seriously.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your personality, or if you have been playing the game since the Alpha.
We just need a Trapper that knows what he is doing constantly, and doesn’t mess up. You also need to be on at the times we are usually on at which is 7-11 pm CST US.

We don’t need drama, thats for highschool and children, we want to act mature while having a great time.
If you are interested in this, contact me by replying, or send me a message on PSN: demonhunter1245



Well, I’m open if you need me. Totally down to play.


Fuck! I am a great trapper and I can be on at those times but NOOOOOO you play PS! That’s BS! lol

Jk wish I could play with you guys and I wish you only the best of luck :smiley:


Welp, I’m out of here :stuck_out_tongue: