Team needs dedicated assault and trapper XB1


I main medic and I have a main support, we are seeking a trapper and assault to grow with us, I currently have a good amount if experience as a strat caller and leader and would like to move into the top competitive environments after the chemistry is mastered. Message me on xbox for more details

GT: xX Vinthya Xx


Might I suggest using these threads instead?


Hi I’m interested in joining your team. My preferred role is Trapper, I can also play Assault and medic well.
GT: Dx20217


I am a trap God. (Inside joke with friends of mine) but seriously, I am a very good trapper. I just recently started being interested in assault, and would be very interested in competitive play

(SecretAgentxP) without the parenthesis my gamertag


XxpsychedyuxX mid 20’s EST time


Top 200 assault here add me and send me a message DappySS