Team Monsters


At this point after launch can we adjust the settings to let teams have a monster in a game? I completely agree with the anti griefing or farming setup at the start but now it seems to serve no purpose. Besides you can farm in custom matches so why bother in the public? A simple reporting system could be added if people are abusive.

My reasoning ties in with excluding a role from play all together. I know a few and played with a few people who just hate playing a role, monster, medic etc. Whenever they are put in this role they typically quit unless they are in my party and we can swap around.

The other day a friend and I played two complete Evac rounds. We went through more than 11 monsters and only 1 hunter. Almost every single round started with an AI monster, someone would join, quit, join quit, kill the AI monster rinse repeat. Was not a lot of fun.

I know there are monster players out there but so frequently do people drop by not wanting to play it. I would love to have a new mode added that is like the custom where anyone can pick the monster / hunter at the start and play. Add it as a new option for Skirmish / Evac without changing the default modes.

Or do a random lottery type of thing where it will randomly pick a monster from the 5 and give them the option to play it or pass. The only real times I get to play monster is when I solo and typically I get rolled by playing teams. Which is fine but let us play with our friends in an expanded way. The stats point out a similar mind set by the statement of how much better you are than your friends which is really all that matters :smile:

This may bring some of the fun back in, thoughts?


I’ve been asking for the hunter/monster que system to be split. If you want to play monster, you won’t have to play hunters, ever again.

If you want to have a hunter, you never have to play monster again either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone is doing pre-mades right now, causing 5th priority monster players, to get monster over, and over again.


Yeah, I wanted that back in the first alpha as well but at this point, please!

I have more than enough friends to get private matches, but we are on different schedules and personal lives so we are rarely all on at once. Typically I have 2 or three and then we play the roulette of will we have a monster to fight or not. I play on the public servers vs custom against AI because AI is boring overall.

I like the idea of the random monster selection at the start of a round that the player can accept or pass on, and if the monster quits give the players (before the match starts) the option to take the slot. Once the game is rolling I agree it should be locked in.

Anyone else have ideas for a way to make it more open and fun? Love the game aside from some toxic community members and minor balance problems. Those with limited time to play may be more willing to come back if things were more open.


I’m on all the time. But all of the friends I like, are always offline. ~sniffles~

But not for long, I should have someone to play with today, and for the next two weeks. :wink:

If we have toxic community members, guide them to @Fluffington… He’ll take care of them for you. :smile:


I try to play a few times a week but play CS:GO and other games to stay playing with friends. I hope the patches brings them back more often. I suck as monster but dont mind playing it.

Mostly the toxic people are the “I’m always right and I know what you should be doing so I wont do anything else but play my one way” people in game lol. They usually move on quickly but good to know people police that whenever they can :smiley:


Fluffington would hug them to death, no one can be toxic with him around. ^.-

He’s our teddy bear on the forums. :smile:


Lol awesome


I will love and cherish them with my hugs!


I know you will. ^.^