Team Mammoth Bird OP looking for a Monster or Trapper (XB1)


Hi, I am the Assault for team Mammoth Bird OP. A small bit of background, we made it to the Proving Ground semi finals and unfortunately stopped there. We have had some changes to our roster ( support and trapper) and we are looking for a monster who would like to join our team. If you are interested and would like to try out for a team please message me and we will setup a time to scrim. Thanks!


I’m not not sure about joining your team but I would like to add you so we can skrimage from time to time, it would help me get better. I’m a good monster but probably not ESL good.


Forums aren’t how you do tryouts so you know man it’ll only lead to disappointment (as offensive as that is to some people it’s the truth) you gotta search around your community great trappers are rare but good trappers are a dime a dozen


I’d be yer’ Trapper if I wasn’t a micless butt.


am always dwn msg me Nega Zaku


I might be interested, depending on what the scrimmage is like. I can run any class, so running trapper wouldn’t be an issue (I have all trappers to elite, with the exception of Jack who I do not own). I can also do monster (I run elite Kraken).

GT: Shwartznwalder