Team Kendrick: looking for members XBOX ONE

Hi, my gamertag is LRoderick, and i’m looking for a group of highly skilled players to tackle hunt 2.0 with.

philadelphia, pa, usa, est

if u use a headset hit me up GT: TheHermaeusMora

ill be online around 5/6pm today

ill pair you up with people if your interested and serious about a team.

#sign up here

i dont have a headset but i can guarantee that i dont need one to win as a hunter.

Thanks but no thanks, teamwork requires teamwork. If you’re good at the game then that’s awesome but i want some communication otherwise whats the point

to win, and to have fun doing so. and its fine, im forming my own team. :smiley: see you in the tournament if i get it off the ground. :monster:

So you are looking to form a competitive team, but you refuse to use mic?

I think this is just a scheme to get a group of people together for you to fight as the monster, judging from your other threads and your posts in the facebook group…

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…when did i say i refuse to use a mic?

hope this helps clear things up.

i said that i dont need one, not that i refuse to use one. so what are you talking about?

refuse to use means that you refuse to buy one. A mic is a key part of this game even to get and give feedback to your own team if you scrim them as monster.