Team Finding pc


Hello, I’m am looking for a team. I am rank 140ish Trapper (It is changing all the time but I’m around 140) looking for a team so that I can get better as a player and I would prefer to play with a team of people who would be come my friends then a bunch of random people. I would like to add a filter of people around my rank. pls just msg me or reply below if your interested


xbox one? If so add me GT: turntosideb
Mic is bonus as a silent hunting team is boring


Add me on xbox 1 my gamertag is vdhump im great with Parnel


Skrewyluie is my gt if your a xbone player.


I forgot to add…I’m on PC…so sry guys who replyed who play on xbox but I’m on pc


Yeah I would Like a
team with mics also…not needed but would be a plus


Killerdog, TAW is currently recruiting into our PC groups if you want. We’re a clan with our own teamspeak which makes finding regular group members a lot easier. Right now we have around 15 people in our clan’s game division dedicated to Evolve, along with a lot of folks who will randomly pop in for a casual group at various times of the day.

If you decide to join us you can register at which is our clan website. Our Evolve section is currently hidden under the Vanguard division since we need a few more dedicated members before we’ll get Evolve listed as a main game of the clan. But if you join us you would either be joining TAW’s Evolve 1 (NA), Evolve 2 (EU), or Evolve 3 (OC - Asia/Australia).

If you have any questions or concerns with registering for the clan or about the clan itself I’ll always be available to assist.

Grengras / TAW-MMO / MMOhealer
(TRS forum & Twitch / Steam & Evolve in-game / TAW handle)


Whats up! I main support (Hank) currently #238 and moving up quick. looking to get a solid team put together feel free to hit me up on steam to talk about it! Also i am 20 EST time zone and i have a mic if we wanna go in the ts3 route i got that covered