Team Comps and Strats


Well just to start off, some team comps.

  1. Beam Team.
    -Val, Hank, Griffin, Any
    - Team is extremely strong against Kraken. Tranq darts and grifs harpoon will help to control his mobility and keep him close to the ground. Val and Hank are solid sustain no matter what you’re against.

  2. Trap Squad
    -Caira/Laz, Bucket, Maggie, Markov
    - Team is an extreme counter to Wraith and Goliath (terrible against kraken). When doming a monster setup a quick killing field of both Markovs mines and Buckets sentries (make sure to space them out), Maggie should place a trap or two throughout this field and use the rest for area denial. This is your safe zone, if you’re being focused and you aren’t Markov with shield you run here. If you are going to die, die here so that you can get a safe rez or punish the monster for stopping the rez, I’ve seen half of a stage 2 Goliaths health disappear running through this. Team is also extraordinary at relay fights.

  3. Never going to give you up, never going to let you go.
    -Val, Bucket/Cabot, Abe, Hyde
    -Once you find the monster, it’s never getting away with this team. Val can be switched out for Caira but it isn’t as annoying. Basically between dust tags/Uav’s and abes tracking dart the monster should never catch a breath, and between stasis nades and tranq darts he should never be more than 30 yards out. trapper should take cool down to dome all day.

  4. Wrecking Crew
    -Laz/Caira, Cabot, Abe, Parnell.
    - Team is strong against near everything, but it takes serious coordination and understanding of fight mechanics. Laz paints the target diamond, Cabot paints it red, Abe paints it blue, and Parnell paints it dead. Damage amp on top of armor piercing, with a slow target and super soldier is a lot of damage, like alot. Abe should be unloading his entire shotty then chucking stasis grenades while the guns reloading. Go Caira for easier domes and for the extra heals if coordinating cloaks is a problem.You’ll be trading damage output for raw heals.

  5. Damage Mitigation crew
    - Caira/Val, Hank, Abe, any
    -Team is great at not dying, while still dealing out moderate damage. Downside is tracking can be tough for beginners or against sneak build monsters. Pick Caira for the aoe sustain, pick Val to help track and yo keep a hold on the monster’s position both in and out of the dome. Stasis grenades+ speed boost make for slippery engagements. Stasis+Tranqs make for one annoyed monster. Hanks a golden boy, he just really good.

  6. Anti-Sneak
    -Caira, Cabot, Maggie, Hyde
    -Team is a great counter to all things sneaky. Daisy is hard to juke, and with Cairas run speed you’ll be on the monster constantly. Using Cabot’s dusting tag you can either check areas in the direction daisy is running or land a definite tag marking the opposing monster allowing the trapper to intercept and dome. After doming use Hyde’s grenades to deny areas or safeguard bodies.

These are all very straight forward, and can obviously be manipulated. One other thing is running Laz, Hank, where hank does nothing but shield. Slower fight but extremely reliable with two decent players.

Thanks for reading! Hope these help guide players in the right direction and maybe spawn some new comps or strats for the future.

  • I’ll try to edit in anything i miss, or any new builds to keep them all in the same spot. and feel free to ask questions on different strats or anything really!


I feel that this team fits Caira in much better. Without Val/Caira to close the distance between a monster it’ll be hard to dome. Also, no Hank and no Healer means the dome drops instantly when the monster wants to.


I did say it took coordination and understanding for that specific build. Caira would certainly make it easier, but would also reduce damage done significantly. Thanks for the Input! I’ll edit it in.


I’ve played against TRS team and whenever they had Laz he was very easy to drop. It wasn’t until they played with Caira that it made it really hard Stage 1 fights.


Are there any specific builds you find maddening? for certain monsters or in general? and or any other input on the other builds?


Maggie, because my sneak game gets ruined :smile:
The big ones are Hank + Val/Caira + Abe. LOTS of damage mitigation done here. You won’t down anyone stage 1 and Stage 2 you HAVE to have a 3 point rock throw/lightning strike/Decoy to do any worthwhile damage and get downs.

To be fair, I find maggie the most annoying good trapper. She hurts your sneak so you are either close and sneaky or far but they follow you. Juking Daisy does work, but not as much as I like. But in a Dome a good Maggie with poon traps can REALLY squash you. It’s frustrating to move 2 inches and get pooned again over and over. This leads to losing your cool and can hurt your game.

Caira/Val + Abe + Parnell + Cabot. The ‘damage’ team can really blow you out of the water if you don’t do it right. Caira in general is a toughi cookie to crumble at stage 1 against a good team. So those stage 1 domes are even more important about not taking damage which can be hard with the heavy DPS coming your way.


What do you think about Caira, Cabot, Maggie, Hyde as a counter sneak team? Caira to speed up Daisy, Cabot to dust out the area and keep track of sneaky monsters and hyde for area denial in dome.


Ya, thats a very good anti sneak game being played. Cabot dusting + Daisy has a little bit of overlap, in this you would use the Dust to ‘remove’ possible areas the monster is so Daisy can pinch the monster faster.


Sweet, I’ll add it in. Thanks for your input!


Since you are not able to see which monster you are going to fight, the most solid overall team for me is:

Lazarus - Hank - Abe - Markov


Laz is my favorite medic kit wise, that being said he’s extremely risky*. He’s either golden or trash there’s not really an in between with him.


Zombie Crew: Hyde, Abe, Bucket, Lazarus.

The Trapper and Support could be anyone, but the main component of this team comp is Laz and Hyde. I really love this combo because when the Monster sees a Laz on the team they will camp the body to bait out Lazarus. This is where Hyde comes in. Just throw a Poison Grenade on the body and light up the Monster with the Flamethrower. If the Monster wants to still camp the body then he’ll take massive damage. When the Monster leaves Laz can zip in for a quick revive then jet out. This is really effective against Goliath and Wraith, but not so much the Kraken…


I have had this team used against me many a time, and have gotten my kiester handed to me in all but one of these, and only because I want facing Parnell