Team Composition Question


Hello forum. I was just wondering how the Hunter team composition would work. Does there have to be one Assault, one Medic, one Trapper and one Support? I don’t ever want to get into a game where everyone on my team goes Assault, so I hope there’s something to keep that in check.


The hunter squad always includes one character from each class. Once someone goes assault that choice is no longer available to the other hunter players. We tried allowing people to choose whatever they wanted a while ago and it resulted in situations where the hunter squad could basically screw themselves before the round even started.


Oh good. Now I don’t have to worry about terrible team composition. Thanks Phil.


Are we allowed to choose what class and character we want to play before we go into matchmaking?


You set your preferences in order and matchmaking does it best to put you in a game with people who complement your preferences.


so I set that I want to be the monster, and it will set up 4 hunters against me via matchmaking? sounds great.


Right so my preferences might look like this…

  1. Assault
  2. Support
  3. Trapper
  4. Medic
  5. Monster

The matchmaking will look for people with different preferences and try to put me in a game where I have a good chance of getting my top choices.


I like the fact that preferences or roles are chosen prior to matchmaking.

This removes a lot of the issues you get if not, for when people enter a lobby and everyone rushes to pick the same class and typically when people don’t get their class or it isn’t open they leave the lobby…This is a repeating occurrence too, where the same person keeps leaving and entering that same lobby.

One thing I hated about public matchmaking systems. This pretty much eliminates that chance of people entering and leaving the same lobby over and over and just wasting people’s time in it


I would also point out (I believe this is correct) you can set preferences like…
1 Monster
(everything else blank)


1 Assault
2 Support
(and everything else blank)

or any other combination.