🚕 🚙 Cars 3 (I basically predicted the plot) (⚠ Spoilers ⚠)


#:warning: Spoilers beyond this point :warning:

So I just got back from seeing Cars 3, and I definitely liked it more than Cars 2. I did have a few problems with the movie, but I’ll go over it down below.

  1. Predictable Plot

It may just be me, but I saw the whole plot of the movie within the first 40 or so minutes. To me it seems obvious that McQueen wouldn’t get back into racing (Unless you see it as a hero’s comeback type of movie). The biggest turning point would be when they are at the Demo Derby, and how Cruz was able to keep up (almost) with McQueen. It even for shadows her winning because she won the Derby. But I still liked it.

  1. It seems like most characters are kinda thrown in there, only serving a small purpose.

Like the new Rusteze owner, who appears as a fan in the first part of the movie but only shows again in the last part, trying to get Cruz to get back to being a Trainer.

Then there’s the Bus from the Derby, who shows up at the end in little sections where the camera cuts to a bar where the bus is watching. I would’ve liked to see more.

  1. Storm was kinda dull.

Chick Hicks has that asshole persona in the first movie (and does show up in the 3rd as an announcer) but Storm just kinda exists as a rookie rival to McQueen. He doesn’t have an obvious sponsor, like Rusteze or Dinoco. He’s just black with blue lights, with an arrogant and dull personality. He just didn’t seem like a strong rival.

Over I would give it :emetoh::emetoh::emetoh::emetoh::emetoh::emetoh::emetoh::emetangry::emetangry::emetangry:

Also relates back to racing, which was the focus of the first movie. the 2nd tried to center it around the cars universe, and thus I didn’t like Cars 2 as much. Definitely a good followup to Cars though. I recommend watching Cars before seeing Cars 3 because it relates back to Cars a bit, since the whole mentoring focus.