Taunt/Roar button for monster and hunter

I’m probably not alone, but I love being able to make my characters speak, scream or something like that (Team fortress disease of spamming voice commands).

well, I’m simply suggesting a button for monster to Roar (just like after evolving) and one for hunters to say random things (they’ll say it anyway), not a gameplay changing feature, but a cool feature similar to skins (you guys could even sell different roar sounds).
everyone would like to climb a hill and roar like no tomorrow


This was literally one of the first things I suggested when I came here. And I still want it BAD.


I wouldn’t mind roaring, but I don’t like the concept of taunting. Too toxic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well,majority of the community has been saying nope so i wouldn’t hold my breath

I love taunts and I’d love to see some in Evolve


Hell yeah. that would be bad ass, i’d love to see some combat applications for the wildlife with it to though, like scare off creatures like those monkeys, maybe even attract the hound packs stuff like that :smiley: would be fun as hell. though i think i’d mainly use it as a last roar sorta thing before i die hehehe

the main idea is Roar, that’s a must in a giant monster (in pubs you can even use it to lure someone into a trap)


Taunting or anything that piss of a user would be dope

That would be really dope its like you are challenging them for there terrirtory

Abe’s taunt must consists of swearing and motherfuckers


They could do some cool ones like wraith making her clone then giving it like a high five


“It’s stage 3, hear it? It’s taunting us…”

When the monster Evolve the roar is meant to be sort of a taunt, that also serves a gameplay function.

yea but you should be able to do it at will

I want to climb tall structures and roar like there’s no tomorrow.


Sees Xbox One Controller


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I like the idea of a roar…
But that is too far.

xbox is the one keeping us away from our roaring skills, :pensive:

yeah, too far, it’s just easier to bind the final animation from evolving to some random key (not that simple), but simpler than creating a double wraith hi5

Only if it freezes your character in the animation for at least 5 seconds and has a cooldown.

Having a roar would be nice but i feel that it is kinda plain for my taste at least

Only if it as good as ‘sorry’ spam was in Hearthstone