Tasks to screw with players

So quick summary, I GM for an online Pathfinder group in a homebrew setting, my players are going to have to collect a token from a favored creature of the god of fortune(good or otherwise) in order to break a curse.
Any ideas for the sort of tasks needed to be completed to receive said token?

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Make them do a cranky old overpowered wizard’s chores. Hell only give them the token if they clean his house, plow the fields, tell his rival wizard to get bent, etc. And if they try to fight him, he’ll turn them into a rocking chair and sit on them all day or something.

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Old wizards are fun. Although the curse is currently affecting a wizard, so maybe I should focus less on more wizarding shenanigans.

Good opportunity for a “face your fears” type thing for your PC’s?


I’d consider the Deities domains and how they interact with your PCs personalities. They’re trying to gain favor with said god. So do some research on the deity, then concoct some stuff around it.

Break out carnival type mini games. This directly relates to fortune (Luck) and you can even get some props and have them do some in live action at/around the table. Emphasis that magic is not allowed and or if you do want magic to be allowed, make it so that it’s a creative puzzle instead.