Tarot Readings


I have an interest in giving people fortunes with tarot readings so any one can ask me for a fortune.
P.s. If you are afraid of the answer don’t ask… I’m surprisingly accurate and don’t like giving bad or stressful fortunes.


Fortunes you say?


Yes. are you interested?


I’ll bite ^.^


I’ll bite too.

p.s. can you go ‘woo-ooo-ooo-’ with your mouth while you’re doing it?


What kind of fortune would you like?


What kind of fortune?


Uh… Not sure. What are the categories?


What kinds are there?


I can reveal aspects of your past present and future, or help guide you down the right path to a happy future.
I can also Do love, or money/job related fortunes as well.


Very well.

I’m going to Virginia to see my girlfriend face to face for the first time next week. How well will it go?


or any questions or things troubling you


Love eh? Sureeeee.
Interest peaked.


What is she like?
How well do you know her?
More details I have for the people involved the more accurate my interpretation


Are you already interested in someone?


Yes 10 roses


Dorky as I am, little shorter, cute button nose, brilliant smile, tends to get distracted by Tumblr from time to time, great artist, aspiring game designer, slight southern accent.

Known her for the better part of six years online. Became a couple about 8 months ago. We rarely spend time at home when we’re both online in which we’re not talking. So… Very well.


Very well.


It make me so happy when I read fortunes like these :heart_eyes:
You got the Ace of Wands.
It means creative spark, new start, passionate union, and inspiration :smile:
My inerpretation is this will not only go well but will be great :slight_smile: I wish you two the best of luck!


Sweet. ^^

Now let’s just hope my parents like her…