Target priorities and general tips for monster's


as a monster pug matches are generally in your favor, but against a team who plays together all the time I am having some major problems. Could we start a thread discussing proper target priority and general tips to down hunter teams. My experience is that a good team is always on you once they find you and it is nearly impossible to get down penalties vs. a hank or sunny. whenever I target someone hank shields them and when I target him he goes invisible and caira heals him up. The only time I have managed downs on a good hunter team is when they drop a bad dome or make a mistake in general.

should the monster only be able to win if the hunters make a mistake? It feels like they can juke you long enough to get healed or shield and nothing gets accomplished for the monster till stage 3, which you will never reach if the trapper is any good. Any ideas.


Yeah man some of those combos can be a real pain in the ass. With coordinated teams you gotta get a hunter out of line of sight from the rest of the team. And if you get the chance to, quickly burning down the trapper is nice so the dome drops.


Your first priority should be hunters who are in some way vulnerable; trappers who extend too far or get grazed by a sloth near you, weak assaults, etc. Stealth pounce is your friend here.

As for regular combat, medics are generally your first target, except for sources of shields. So long as they are up, no one else will be going down.

No, but that’s the current state of the game. I have high hopes for the title patch, but if it doesn’t fix the monster problems then a good chunk of the casual and competitive player base will just move on.