Tara aka Ladie Au Pair // Community Producer


There has been some movement within TRS!

I am excited to announce that our dearest @Chloe has moved as Producer to our Concept Art department. She will be working more directly with Phil Robb & is super excited to be working closely with art as it is one of her passions! :heart:

In addition to that change, the glorious @LadieAuPair will be joining the Community team as Communications Producer! If you have not yet met Tara, she is the better half of #Shara, if you have no idea what #Shara is… here’s a little taste:

I am excited to be able to work more closely with her as she has my utmost respect for her years in this industry as well as having my support in her fight for accessibility in games.

I also want to thank you all for being an awesome community who has stuck with us for so long, through so many changes! You are all fantastic. Every opinion is heard and taken into consideration. Thank you for all of your time, feedback, and passion. It really makes what we do important.

Much love from TRS,

Shane Meyer



Does not compute.

Congrats to everyone on their new positions!


Congrats Tara!


Congratulations all around! I love that you have a very modular team.:confetti_ball:


Congratulations! :smile: Sounds like awesome people with awesome jobs all around.

But you already knew that, didn’t you? :tara_knows:


Ocngrats Tara :smiley:



Thanks guys! I’m gonna produce the shit out of the communications team!


Wooh!!Congrats! I love you guys :slightly_smiling:


Did you reach your quota of crushing dreams, is that why you got to move jobs?


I’m still producing balance, not I just have more dreams to crush! HAHAHAHA


Congrats! :smile:


Congrats to both ladies! @LadieAuPair @Chloe :green_heart:


I almost peed. Thank you.




Someone has to pin this!!


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Congratz @ladieaupair and @chloe may the ps4 era of Evolve reign!!!