Tank vs small animal


In life when u watch a tank it rolls over everything. Animals trees people and the likes. How come the behemoth tank gets stopped mid full roll speed by a little grub or strider? Can we get this fixed plz?


He CARES about the environment, man… you might really want to squash that grub without a second thought, but he just can’t! He’s got love in his heart.

Oh but I agree. Those tiny little things shouldn’t even make a dent in his speed.


Yeah but that along with terrain slowing ur rolls horribly and griffen destroys behemoth stamina aswell with that recent patch


I find myself able to roll over marsh strikers, because they start limping. But I’ve straight up been HALTED by a reaver in a hallway. Lame.


Behemoth is secretly a vegetarian and a tree hugger.
When he eats an animal, he’s just eating the plants they ate.
It’s a noble sacrifice to protect the environment. He doesn’t want to harm those that do not need to be harmed.
So why does he eat carnivores? He rips them open, then rips open the herbivores the tyrant ate, and eats the plants.
The bodies teleport to a special graveyard.