Tank or hank

So got pretty much told off on select screen for picking tech hank today.
I wondered why though? A preshielding tech hank can have good in dome shielding with the right perks and has ( for me anyway) much better damage output minus the big “kill me first” of regular hank.
I’m not saying potential wise that he is better but as it stands I’m yet to see a monster prioritise anyone other than hank in a slim team and a live mediocre support is better than an incap per top tier one surely?
Or do suck as hank and excel at tech?

TSH is just… not as good as the other supports. He only works in a specific comp, imo. Which is Quira/TSH/Jack/Torvald

That’s what I used to think but my current set up seems to work all round as long as domes don’t run long.
I avoid sunny and hank just now because of the unending focus though.

I have not played him in about month so I might be off but his whole idea is a bit off imo. The big problem I have with Thank is that the medic cannot do shit in the beggining. A medic is not healing someone because the monster is just getting through the armour. Once he gets trhough the armour his armour is not as strong as hanks. Applying your shield in the dome takes a long time and during that time you are not doing dmg. With hank you are shooting a bit and then shielding a bit all the time. With hank you have instant protection for someone and when you tell him you are shielding he can just save a bit of jetpack and get some breathing room - and this is what you need because a good monster will focus someone and just pound on them.

Thank doesn’t have a big taget on his ass like Hank because he is a shitty support and that’s why the monsters sometimes go for medics instead of him - he isn’t that big of a threat. He has good preprotection and shitty protection during the fight so maybe if he had a dmg amp or something like that it would make sense - you came preshielded a bit and you wanna do your dmg fast. But ofcourse that could be pretty hard to balance because on higher levels domes, chases and evolves happen pretty fast.

What perks would you recommend on T.hank?

I gotta be honest… I have no idea. Though, probably double DR if I was using him in the quira comp I mentioned

That’s the thing I’ve found that running CDR perks I can get a good few Shields out in dome, and if the team can roach I can keep Shields going.
With hank it seems as soon as I put up a shield it gets taken down because they stop kiting or dodging.
I also find his orbital far better for area denial and some everyone thinks he is trash he doesn’t have focus the same.
When regular hank I find unless it’s a noob monster I’ll be the only target till I go down meaning I have to trust the medic can sustain me.
I do find he works with non slim medics best though with a huge deal with laz in the form of the orbital drill not having knock back allowing easy rez because it has high damage a monster usually won’t tank just to stop laz

I like CDR for fast Shields but that’s me

Yea, I was thinking that too. But there is always the problem of the monster going for Quira, rendering the perks useless.

And wouldn’t Increased Healing not result in more survivability?

the few games that was a success with Tank and the medic is not a slim or PaPa in my 200 steam hours was Laz, like 3 games I believe, so i guess tank actually need some work

I never thought about qaira and the increased heals now.
I find old tank better on prep that in dome though full team Shields stacked to the max is high ( I think someone mentioned it topping out around 1k or just less) and gives a little opening boost, plus if there is time sb can be recharged before a dome so full Shields plus a boost before they get broken with CDR sometimes 2 if the players are dodging well.