Tangential Image Association Game


OK, so here’s the idea. This will all start with 1 image. All responses from that point should be an image that somehow answers, contradicts, or otherwise relates to that image. So if I had an image of kittens you could have dogs, something hating on cats, Garfield, whatever. In a world where the goal is to stay on topic I’m turning that on its head, the point of the thread is to have the topic perpetually evolving as people participate. It should be an odd experiment. Going to start with a clean slate:



am I doing it right? (cuz dirt board huehuehue)


(altered to better match the image posted)


The concept somewhat being that the most successful post is figuring out what image gets as far away from the previous image as possible without somehow losing a small and tangential tether. But maybe this won’t work. :slight_smile:


oops phone doesnt like forums… fixed post


And I changed my image to better match what you intended. Hopefully after an uneven start this can get rolling. For me the thread is what happens in other threads once the topic has petered out and people get stuck on silly image escalation. Just rather than have that happen and have the thread close this can be peoples’ home for indulging in that inclination, making people laugh here and perhaps making them seem less ADD in threads that want to stay on topic. :slight_smile:


3000eaa calendar


omg i didnt even notice that… +1 to you sir


Very tricky with it WAAAAAY in the background. I like it.





From laughing human to …