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@Rapterror Well…what was that big secret you wanted to tell everyone?


I haven’t updated this at all. I’m sorry about that.

So, after the mammoth bird herd the hunters would stumble upon the Kraken. The Kraken was going to be a harder fight as I was going to make it somewhat painful. It would be captured in Stage 2. I also wanted to try and play up Rival’s ability to communicate with the monsters if possible, which would go negatively. Likewise, it would make some attempt at “Communication” with Chi-Chi. Kraken would pack a huge punch and be terrible to nail down in order to kill, but I have no doubt it would have been done, and possibly utilizing Rival, Chi-Chi, and Stoic the beast could be lulled into a false sense of security. I wanted the Kraken to evolve to stage 3 right inside the dome as well, and take out one of the Nomads.


No worries~ We all know you are very busy~


Yep, I’m back here…time for another update, because I have remembered to do so after thnking about this campaign over the weekend. After facing the Kraken threat the group has to maneuver through a swamp-like area. As they progress along, the air becomes extremely dark and misty and the terrain becomes sticky with webbing…there would be various eggs that needed to be broken within a single attack. Any eggs unsuccessfully destroyed would hatch into Stage 1 Gorgons. These would need to be dealt with before entering the lair of the Gorgon Queen, which would be Stage 3 of course. This particular battle was going to be pretty daunting and would have been more difficult to fight through than others before it due to the eggs. I was going to make them difficult to destroy and each player would get their own egg with two rolls to attempt to achieve a target number or higher rolled on their dice.

After this would be a healing session. The group would probably by now have suffered some pretty big wounds and it would be a time to re-asses their health pools and kits to see what could be done/restored. Some characters could use some foraging to find healing plants or “other” means to help each other out. I wanted this part to be on the lighter side and funny to play out, and the group would maybe bond a bit stronger.




I don’t know if she wants me to say.


I mean…I don’t think spoilers are really that relevant a concept anymore…


That isn’t what I said though. I don’t know if she wants me to tell you yet, if at all.


Well if Sledge is still plannin’ on revealing the rest of the story then I’ll wait.


Actually…I thought on it again, maybe save the very ending we spoke about, how I wanted to proceed with the final battle and what that would actually be of. You can tell them what your character’s mission was though.


Let me add more to this story now that I am here, heh. After the Gorgon battle the team would once again stumble on the trail of Goliath that they didn’t manage to snag earlier (I planned for it to escape), but while following said tracks they would run into a cave system in a snowy part of the jungle. Yep, that’s right…the lush jungles and desert sands gave way to snow…go figure. I’d blame elevated terrain. They might have spotted the Goliath via the sensors and Argus’s intuitiveness, but within the bowls of the cave they literally stumble right onto (as in on top of) a stage 3 Behemoth while the crew was fighting with snowy blitz leopards. This stage 3 Behemoth though, would have the health pools around the stage 2 monsters, because it will have been beaten up very badly by something that very recently came across its path. When they find it, it would have been partially embedded in the rocks themselves as if in a healing mode, melding with the earth. I know this wasn’t really cannon but I had that idea to play with, because as the hunters started to realize they were walking and fighting on top of something alive…and waking something up, all of the snow would start to melt in time with the heartbeat of the thing they discovered. The leopards would flee of course when the behemoth wakes in full, crashing out of the ground itself. Eventually the cave snow would melt completely and become lava-fied.

I didn’t think this fight would last long but I wanted this Behemoth too look good and be sorta ancient looking…like an old remnant of one of the first monsters but one that somehow survived it all. The hunters coming across it in its injured state have a slight advantage over it, and when they do eventually defeat it, samples taken from it indicate to the team that something is not right with the DNA, and that the creature has some human DNA therein. Skibbol radios back to Teak and asks her to get in touch with Cabot to report the findings, which of course Cabot would know by now, having been learning more with Caira and Kala…

So the team continues onward…tracking the Goliath. Rapterror’s character would start, at this point, to really reveal more of himself. In point of fact he was to be the one to have the device capable of finding out the DNA tracings of the monsters, since he unknowingly to others in the crew took samples from the carcasses they had slain…and he seemed to be on a secret mission of his own.

At this point we’d reassess how many crates were lost in the battles and what the team still had left, general house-keeping for health and damage, but it would be short lived because some new force shows up on the radar.


Just wanted to pop in and say that this whole experience you set out for us encouraged me to finally break down and join a real D&D group my friend is hosting. You’ve all been excellent, and I wish as much as the rest of us we could still be doing this, but it seems like everything is going well with the way things went.


A real life RPG handled by a good DM would be a tremendous experience. I only wish we could have all met once a week in a room and played this out in person. :frowning:


But I don’t even own a monocle! Let alone two…


Eight, so here I am back again, for more of the story-telling. We are coming nearer to the endgame.

The hunters will most likely all be suffering from wounds now, and depending on the items they would use, probably couldn’t totally heal up. Shields would start to become faulty and the terrain harder. The surviving Nomad, if it survived to this point, would be weaker and probably also have injuries. The slog through Shear was starting to take it’s toll. Some pets may not survive.

At long last the hunters will finally corner the Goliath. This battle rages on, as Goliath would, until this point, have the most health and armor of all of the monsters. I’d be looking for hunters to be braver in this fight, almost reckless. If not, or if they held back too much for fear or wounds, they would suffer consequences. They might pass out from exhaustion, suffer mental stress which would cause them to flee or fight at the wrong time, etc. (kinda looking at Evan here, heh)

Once Goliath falls, more samples would be taken. Skibbol would radio once again to Teak, and Teak’s signal would be jammed…she was saying something about Cabot and his crew…something wrong…terrible…tragedy…wild…it’s loose now…

Skibbol would urge the team to move quicker now. Speed seemed to be the priority, along with the crates, and even though many crates got destroyed, some would survive. Skibbol was adamant about those crates getting to Cabot, especially after Teak’s transmission.

At this point I was unsure if I should go to the endgame monster or the second to last. It all depending how long it would have taken to get to this point, and the ending was somewhat fluid is what the team would face. But basically, I really wanted to have them encounter Scorpid. Scorpid would be a monster that may or may not be defeated…depending on the interaction with Rival’s character along with Chi-Chi’s and Stoic’s aid. It would be possible for them to dissuade Scorpid from attacking, possibly even communicate with it in some rudimentary manner enough for it to cease attacking. This would have been the idea plan. If it all went south though, then Bill and Argus would be prompted to cut into Scorpid, at Skibbol’s direction, to get the most idea samples. The samples could be over-analyzed by Rapterror’s character…that depends. If the Scorpid would have lived, it would have been possible to attach a tracking beacon to it.

No matter if Scorpid was faced or not, the endgame would follow…


So you told me that you had abilities chosen for Scorpid. Can you tell us what they were?


Scorpid’s 4 abilities were:

Crusher Claws
Spinal Blasters
Tail Lash

Crusher Claws was a rushing forward maneuver while it would chomp and grind the ground at hunter-level.
Burrow was the ability to take shelter briefly under the ground to avoid incoming damage, then explode out of the ground beneath hunters, tossing them about and giving them damage.
Spinal Blasters was its ability to curl up and fire out spines from its carapace. The spines would explode outward on all sides like shrapnel, mainly to get hunters out of the air that tried to jet-pack around.
Tail Lash was basically just that, thwomping hunters that tried to flank or get behind it with its tail.


Coolio, thanks. Do you think you’ll have time to tell us the rest today?


Nah, I have to keep you guessing just a bit longer, heh. I won’t take as long this time. I will try to post the endgame Monday.