"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


An odd poll you have there…


Well, that’s rather depressing.


brings gamecubes and stuff but not melee.


I just wouldn’t have caught a break, would I?


I’m sure Evan would have stuck up for you.


I would have brought Zoids: Battle Legends.


I thought we could have fun…

I enjoy a good bout of Melee, but that can only be played properly without fun. Anyone skilled at wave-dashing and shine-spiking typically plays on an entire different level that the common game lover just can’t enjoy to the fullest~

Anywho, I hope we all can stay in contact with one another; you lot are quite an interesting bunch~

I can entirely see that happening~

Casual whistling


My pc just took another dive for unknown reasons…grr. Anyway, I really wanted every. Haracetr to come into their own and have a main focus at some point…so every character would get their chance to really shine. After the battle with Harrison’s rogue gang, the team would find the tracks of a Goliath. This battle was going to be pretty intense, and I was planning to draw it out by allowing it to feed within the dome fights to regain armor. I had planned for it to escape and evolve up, fight again, then run off. It would appear that this Goliath wanted those crates and many would be lost in this battle. One of the nomads would be injured or killed. The beast would also focus on Evan and Kat.

Rivals character I was planning to somehow interact with the monsters after facing this Goliath, but I was unsure how that would commence due to rivals unstable nature. I couldn’t plan too much around rival because I was unsure what the response would be. Ideally I wanted rival to come over to the side of the hunters rather than the monsters but that the transition would be slow, and that somehow she would get betrayed…but again this part of the story I left pretty open since there was a big question mark surrounding it.

The Goliath would escape by the skin of its teeth in stage two and not be caught again until later. During this fight I saw Evan coming more into his own but unsure about Kats health and fighting prowess. Dr. Psychobos I wanted to get pretty banged up in this fight, and he would turn to Bill for some assistance and back woods know how to help fix himself up.

Shortly after the battle there would be a great mammoth bird herd surrounding the hunters that I thought would be a fun interlude for quibbles and the team to deal with.



This is my favorite meme.


This is better



Ayy, youre a buttfly again,


Anyone else pre-order the Nintendo Switch?


I did, but may or may not keep mine.


Well, I hope you end up keeping it~

We could always play some Splatoon or Mario Kart~


Splatoon was the main selling point for me…but it also won’t be out until December. I took an interest in Snipperclips but that’s a rather light game, really, and requires someone to play with. I am unsure that my son will be interested in playing with me as he really has no liking for consoles and indeed not the 3DS I got for him either. So, in fact, I end up having to justify purchase of the Switch based on Splatoon, and I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason to invest at this point. I think it’s crazy how I’m all about gaming but the men in my life only care about Minecraft so I don’t have people to play with.

I’ve made a lot of financial purchases that are expensive that ultimate have bitten me when it comes to video games/console/devices, and I think this could be one of those as well.


Unlike Xbox or PlayStation, you can only play Nintendo games on a Nintendo console. That was and has always been the selling point for every Nintendo console I have.

On that same note, one could wait to purchase a Switch until a holiday sale, but that would entirely hinge on the availability of the console come that time…


Huh, that’s been the reason why I don’t buy Nintendo consoles :thinking:


I also like to consider the quality of game being released on the consoles. On any Nintendo console, games are typically released in their final form with only minor DLC available down the rode. With literally every AAA Xbox and PlayStation game, purchasing an additional ‘season Dlc pass’ along with the base game is the only way to get the full experience. Furthermore, Nintendo games are fairly free of game breaking glitches or bugs upon launch.