"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


Everyone’s so concerned about security and I just don’t even care.

Whoever wants to take the time to hack into all my things just to find my address can do what they want with the info.

Hell, if you show up, I’ll probably just apply physical affection until you die.



Thanks for the thought @SledgePainter , but I’m good on memorobilial. The experience was enough for me.


That sounds cool. Care to elaborate?

Also it’s weird seeing everyone without their character as their forum picture.


Reinforcing my Jojo love with my pic





Why don’t you guys just post a PO box if you’re afraid of posting your address? I know I’m a bit late but I was just wondering.


Meh, P.O. boxes you have to pay to have, and it’s not worth having one unless you do a lot of business and such over the net to warrant having one, though that is the safest bet. I learned the hard way that yes, sometimes people do track you down via your addy if you don’t use a P.O. box…but, not to say I’d be tracking you guys down, heh. If we did we’d have to have one heck of a cool party ammirite?



Speaking of which, who’d bring the refreshments?


@niaccurshi with his Jäger.


A Nerf party!


I would bring 4 CRT Televisions, 4 GameCubes, 4 LAN adapters, 4 copies of Kirby Air Ride, 4 copies of Mario Kart: Double Dash, and 16 original controllers~

You have never played multiplayer until you have experienced 16 Double Dash!


In that city mode, right?


City Trial was what made that game fun!


Find me. I must try this amazingness


The first battle was going to be with the Wraith…I was going to see how the initial fight panned out. She was going to be more hit-and-run in style and trying to break line of sight as much as possible. The plan was for her to be able to survive the first dome and flee with Skibbol in tow via abduction. In order to find her again someone would have had to send out a critter or use their scancorder device. Once found, she would be Stage 2 and Skibbol would be unconscious. Depending on the rolling, she may have been slain during her Stage 2. I sort of planning on that happening, anyway. A couple of the trapjaw crates would have been lost but no biggie, and no harm done to the nomads. Skibbol would then be worked on to try and heal/wake him up to continue the journey, and at this point a rogue group of Harrison’s men would come looking to abduct Stoic. They would also attempt to disable Argus to take him as well, and I foresaw Argus taking some heavy damage in this battle. I also expected that the blitz leopard would probably take out at least one guy dramatically on its own, and for one of the nomads to punt one of the guys and knock him out for questioning later. The group would need to decide what to do with him. If he was released he would provide everyone with some healing hearts to replace what may have been lost during the fighting with the Wraith.

After this situation was dealt with the hunters would come upon some new tracks and would have to work to track this new creature down…


Aw, what a shame.
Well, at least we can come back to this after youre done with your kittyfudacutegamethingy


I have the entire game outline through to the end, I just am giving it piecemeal here or it would be one huge long document to read.


Maybe after your game is done, maybe this could be revisited and continued from where it left off…

There is a dim light at the end of the tunnel!



I am currently working on Kittyfuda but they also may need me on another project since they have expressed interest in a comic working as a colorist, so I may have technically a good flow of jobs coming in for a while.


When you have the time for this. I suggest that maybe we close the rpg thread for now and that you keep the drawings and other things stored in a safe place. In fact, lemme make a poll…

  • Save everything and close the thread til another time
  • Let it all rest in peace

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