"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


I wanted to update everyone here on the status of the RPG as it stands. Unfortunately my time is not really going to allow for much rpg play the way I intended it to be. Things kinda developed over the past week with a potential distribution deal for “Sushifuda” which also blossomed into “Kittyfuda” and future deck variants and more artwork for a company wanting to take me and my works on. Today I am doing to contractual work and have already begun the artwork for the “Kittyfuda” in earnest, which will become a full time job for me until it’s completion, and then probably work on a third deck variation or branch into other projects the company wants me on.

As such I am giving up my moderator position and unfortunately I will also have to give up on this RPG. I’ve not liked taking large pauses in the RPG due to continuity losses and participation issues therein…it would be unfair for me to take any further pauses in the game to allow for my work…I certainly do NOT want that. I know you guys have stuck by it through thick and thin and have invested in your characters and we’re just getting to the meat and awesome of the game…I don’t like leaving you guys disappointed and sorry to have to let you down, but I do have to follow this opportunity because it promises to lead back into the career I used to have, which is working on more children’s book illustration (a market that has been very dry for me in recent years and very hard to find stable work).

I DO have an end game gift for each of you guys that I hadn’t actually planned on working on until closer to the end of the game…I wanted to let you know that I still plan to fulfill this so I will keep you all posted on that.

If you want to know what the eventual story-line was for the RPG, I’d be more than happy to let you in on that so you can have story closure. :slight_smile:


dont worry, after all, you are making a cat game


I would like that yes.

I’ll try to write up some of the backstory I had going for Evan later today.


That’s a damn shame. I know I was probably the least enthusiastic about this but it was a fun ride. I’m glad you’re following your dreams @SledgePainter, and you will be missed dearly.

As for Katherine Reed she will live on in my writing. I already have 9 pages of it, so might as well keep going.

Guess we’ll go out like Firefly here.


I’ve never been more enthusiastic about anything else before…


Anyways I hope you have a great rest of your life. It’s a damn fucking shame this happened this way…


make a book already


It’s rather sad to see this come to close. It was rather interesting and entertaining from the sidelines view.


Oh well. Was fun while it lasted. Good luck with your work, Sledge! Just don’t disappear completely, or I’ll cry. hugs

Oh, and on behalf of Sledge, I will outline the course of the RPG.

Quibbles, after being separated with the cargo from the rest of the team, fights with Lady Victoria singlehandedly against all of the monsters, killing them all, saving the universe, and then taking it over to rule as galactic overgod.


Evan Chao-Duston. Let’s get started eh?

^ I was listening to this on repeat when the RPG started, and as a result it’s become the theme for me. Play it whenever I needed to write something up :smiley:

He grew up on Earth. His family was fairly well off, and expected him to follow the family business of working the army (or something ‘manly’ like that). But Evan never wanted to do that; he was always interested in biology and birds and things like that. As a result his parents never really bonded with him as he grew older. This residual sense of disappointment made him feel bad about his shyness / cowardice.

So he decided to go out into the wide open wonder and proved to himself and his parents that he had what it took to be brave and adventurous. Proving something to himself. That was always at the heart of Evan’s actions. He studied as a ornithologist and picked the most remote, most hostile planet he could to work on - Shear. And so for a while he worked at the aviary. Then the monsters attacked…

Started off as any ordinary day. Something out in the aviary had spooked the birds big time. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence; they had some large animals dotted around the enclosures (like sloths and armadons). Sometimes they got a bit too agitated and disturbed the nests. So a couple of the aviary team headed out in their protective gear and crowd control gear to try and get the beasts back under control.

Not long after leaving there’s panic over the intercoms. Something huge had killed the armadon in dome 2 and was killing all the workers out in the aviary. At this time Evan’s still inside the facility. The outer doors are closed and no-one can get back inside. And what does our intrepid hero do? Cries. He hides in a corner and panics and cries. He can’t even bring himself to turn off the intercom so he doesn’t have to hear the screams anymore.

Evan wasn’t the only one inside at the facility at the time, but he was one of the closet to the door controls. If he had tried, there may have been enough time to get a few people inside before the monsters arrived. Time passes. One of Cabot’s teams arrives and rids them of the monster, and evacuates them all the the nearest safezone.

During this time Evan swears to himself that he won’t let something like that happen again. He’ll find a way to repay the people he may-or-may-not have indirectly killed. He questions if he could even live with himself without trying to right his wrongs. So Evan heads for a dusty landing pad where a ‘Planet Tamers Wanted’ sign and unlikely team of heroes lay waiting…

The story behind Evan was planned from the start to be one of overcoming fear. He would be the cowardly lion of the group, having to work up the strength to face danger head-on (I had a lot of fun making him run away during that first fight). I tried to hint at these things during Evan’s posts but I don’t know if anyone ever felt that was much more to his story hidden away.

He stuttered less as the RPG progressed: compare some of his last words to his first. The only times he lost his stutter completely was during the heat of battle. Admittedly he did was cry out in fear, but it was a start. Started to get more confident overall. At the start an offhand comment by Bridgette could send him cowering. Nearer the end however he was building up the confidence to actually confront people. He saw Rival as a threat and was planning ways to deal with her if she went rouge.

I’m not sure who Evan would’ve been by the very end. Would he have developed a new-found love of violence and become Wasteland-Evan?

Would he have heroically sacrificed himself to save others and repay his dept? We’ll never know.

[details=If Harrison had caused trouble when trying to leave the armoury (e.g. trying to sell Stoic) this is what I’d planned on Evan doing. Shame it never came to that…]“Mr Harrison, sir?”

Evan stepped forward and tried to get his attention. Realised that it was now or never.

“Sir, I don’t err, I don’t know if you remember this…” He held up his newfound shotgun for all to see. “…it, it was in your arsenal. It b-basically, well, you load in the shells and fire. Then the fusion battery powers up the, the central chamber and using plasma, which is really, really hot it err…”

He took a moment to calm himself, breathing way faster than normal. “Basically, it liquefies the shot. S-s-so it leaves the barrel as a super-heated slurry of metal, easily reaching t-temperatures of well, thousands of degrees.”

Another pause. His hands visibly shaking, heart-rate souring. He focused himself on the goal. To prove himself.

He levelled the shotgun directly at Harrison.

“So I d-don’t think I need to explain what will happen if I pull this trigger.”

“Your going to, to let us all leave right now. With-with our guns! Right, very much so now. Please?” You could hear his armour clattering as he shook with fear. “N-no one needs to get h-hurt. Not one little tiny bit, no siree. No fighting.” He looks towards Rival. “That includes us.”

He let his ultimatum hang in the air, not sure how everyone would proceed.

(charisma check)[/details]


Thanks for this little RPG @SledgePainter. I had a lot of fun inventing Evan and seeing all the characters interact with one another. This RPG became the main reason I would check the forums every day after the funding got cut. Seeing those little orange / red numbers pop up next to the Chatter or RPG threads always made me happy, excited to see what had happened now.

I’m sure I’ll still be around on the forums; it’s become quite the habit of mine. But the ending of our little story symbolises the end of Evolve for me.

Happy Hunting folks.


Can I tell them what I knew nowwww?


Yes, you can! Also, sorry for the lateness but I will get back to telling you guys the story, how it was all supposed to work out, soon. :slight_smile:

Also, can you guys send me your shipping addresses in a PM to me? This way whenever it is I get the special gifts done, I can ship them.


lemme get home from shool and ill send it.


Well as much as I would want a gift, I’m not too keen on giving my address out over the Internet unless it’s through a secure network. Sorry @SledgePainter


yeh, same.


What about via email?


Possibly. It really depends on the gift being sent.


My intention, which may be subject to change because of equipment, was to create a wooden medallion with the planet tamer logo. This was going to be bestowed upon the hunters by Cabot at the end of the game to all survivors (and non-survivors - if any), which would signify that they would become part of Cabot’s extended crew. It was an object subject to change because I am unsure exactly of the finer capabilities of our CNC router but that IS the current plan.

Something similar to this, but this was just an experimental piece:

(Part of a WIP frog checker set)


I will send mine once I get home.


Would go great with my Planet Tamer t-shirt! Might even replace my shark tooth necklace. But, as others have mentioned, e-mail would probably be best.