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Sorry, just 2d6? 3+3=6


So, I operated with the assumption that my character’s attack and movement brought him to the same space as the wraith without issue, mostly because I was adjacent to the first space, but I wanted to confirm some things as well.

Like for example, @jynx680’s space doesn’t necessarily have LOS with the monster’s. but that’s because some of the space is obscured by what I assume is one of cliffs or what have you. But at the same time, some of it isn’t, so I am not sure if Rival would have to be moved or not before attacking from range.

Oh, and where movement is concerned, when we have our characters or pets move into melee range, can we move our characters back in the same turn? Like having Quibbles’ mammoth bird retreat in the same turn that I just attacked in, or having Rival’s Blitzleopard return during the same assist move.

Oh, and Evan started next to the monster in the same space as Quibbles. RIP.


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(@SledgePainter which tile is the Wraith on?)

(EDIT: or do we have to find it? since some people have already described attacking it…)

(EDIT EDIT: or is it dead centre like Stage 2 domes?)


The monster will always begin on the space marked as 1. It will move and note where it is during the rounds.

@DarkMesa As long as some of Rival can get LOS, it will be presumed she can take the shot. A lot of that is determined by simple role play, as you note what your character is doing. So, for instance, if she wanted to, she could “peek around the cliff-side, take her shot, and then get behind said cliff-side in one turn.”

Characters can move as close to the monster as they want but cannot retreat back again in the same turn. The grid space you indicate traveling to is the one you will stay in for that turn. Pets are naturally faster creatures, so I presume they could go in for a melee, and then retreat again back to the initial space they started from. I really don’t hold them to the same confines but I need to know where they retreat to, in that case, for damage purposes of course.

Quibbles riding Victoria…this is a gray area. To keep it simple I’d say Quibbles, while riding, or anyone using a critter as a mount, could go into melee and retreat again up to one grid space, which must be noted.

Also, Quibbles can only make 1 attack in the turn, and his pet can only make 1 attack in the turn. You can use any weapon you want, but you can’t make two actions in one turn, so I will assume that:

Quibbles makes a successful attack in melee with the monster using his sword, and Victoria also made a successful attack with the guns while charging in. 2 Damage is dealt from the turn to the monster. They currently reside on the same space as the Wraith in grid space 1.

Also note that Stoic has a healing sentry drone set up. If you take damage but are within this field, the damage will be lessened. The Medgun when used, acts similarly to a shield from support, in that some damage is negated (presume you are being healed as you take damage…so damage is less). The medgun can be used on an assist roll of course and does NOT count as granting hearts on character sheets. Only Class Die success grants those, again which can be granted to anyone the medic chooses.


Question here:

Hatori Sword: Grants ability to roll again for additional damage.

Does this mean that one could roll again if they miss or can they make an additional action (such as an assist) along with an attack from the sword?


Nope, you’re correct there! They can roll again for an extra attack (no other action but an attack), which would yield 1 extra damage with a success. I did forget about that…it pays to be reminded, so be sure to do that if it comes up again. I do have a bunch of notes but…sometimes things slip by.

So in the above example, he was correct. 3 damage dealt to monster…that’s impressive! Worrisome for my monster too, hmm…


That’s five for the first round as of rn… I love being an assault!


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@Mecha_Neko thanks. I went to ask the same thing.


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woah… Quibbles can do 4 damage a round. That’s a bit crazy.


And I can make sure you land every shot! :slight_smile:



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@SledgePainter Can the extra attack gained from the sword be used as, say, a punch with a fist as opposed to a slash from a sword for flavour purposes?


But of course!





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Maybe a dumb question, but how would I make an Assist Roll to use my special ability?


I don’t think that’s what Evan was trying to say.


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