"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


I might be pushing it. The dice were not in my favour…

Roll POSITION | 6 + 5 = 11


Don’t even worry, the grid is random. I throw a bunch of numbers on it and then depending where you roll, there you are, and you can move from there. All weapons of course will have to be within LOS of the monster’s position…it may hide behind pillars to avoid damage. Pillars and water will be part of nearly all grids.


I rolled a twelve…


I rolled a 7


I also rolled 7


No problem, you can share spaces.




Got a 2


so hows that wraith smell?


Bloody, Smells like it was bathed in shait, took a shower in piss then went in a giant anus plant…

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love you too, fam


@I_T_U , Will you be joinin’ the fun?


4 + 3 = 7. Guess I’m chilling with Chi-Chi and Bugboi.


@Chromatic_Blue as well.



How the battles will work will be similar to before in the arena…except all hunters can take their turn at once, and it doesn’t depend on class. You may, if choosing to Assist, wait to see how others’ rolls or actions they take. We should allow ample time for everyone to get their actions in for the round and I will try to do so while still keeping a decent pace. Once the monster attacks, however, that will signify the end of the round for hunters to take their turn. If you miss out on an action, the action is lost. You can still end up taking damage even if you are not participating or away for the day or two the battle is occurring in, sorry.

After a dome is thrown, there will be 3 rounds where you can engage the monster (subject to change). Once you are able to see the grid formation, you can move accordingly around so that your weapon will have line of sight. If you move out of LOS of the monster you will not be able to do damage to it but it likewise may not be able to do damage to you, depending on locations and terrain of course.

Keep in mind your items and when/how you may want to use them.

Also keep in mind that pets do have shields and health bars. They can attack the monster if you send them to do so but they also can be killed if they are hit by monster abilities. It IS possible to share your health with them, however, by sacrificing one or more of your hearts in order to keep your pet alive. This does not require rolling but you will have to make a note of it. Pets can likewise be shielded or healed, or have items used on them.

Please keep in mind success on your class die which grants your class bonuses! These are extremely important! You don’t want to roll a success on the dice and them forget to grant a heart or shield etc. to a member of your team.

For the purpose of the RPG, Skibbol can’t be shielded or healed. The Nomads can be, however, and crates from the trailer can and will be lost…you must insure at least 1 crate survives until the end of the game.

When you and/or your pets move around the grid you must, before every roll for a round you make, note which number on the grid you and your pet are moving to. This is very important since it will determine damage taking. Dodge does NOT factor into this. You do NOT need to use a Dodge action in order to move somewhere and you can still make a Dodge action no matter where you are moving to, to help avoid damage. Only one action can be taken during a round for both your character and your pet. Pets, if attacking, can only ever deal 1 damage to a monster. It rolls based on your strength dice pool for success. Yes, pets can Assist, Taunt, and Dodge as well, or do nothing.

Monsters will only ever use abilities and will not use direct melee, to keep things simple. During the hunter’s round the monster may sometimes give away who it is targeting before an ability goes through…so watch for these instances. The monster will likewise be able to move around the grid and the position will be noted every turn. It has no limit on abilities but it can only use one ability per round.

Monsters have a varying dice pool size for damage based on the monster. Successes rolled on the dice (amount of damage) will be split between multiple hunters if they are within the same grid pattern as an ability landing on them. Every ability will have a different pattern, which you will know when the fighting begins. Grouping together can be strategic so use accordingly to your advantage. If you are alone taking the attack you will get the full brunt of all of the damage from the ability! Loners take note of this!

Monsters will have the same levels of armor and health as in the game Evolve, though this is subject to change. It is possible to kill a monster before it can stage up. If it stages up it will get stronger and gain 1 extra die to its pool.

After a dome falls the monster may or may not escape. It will be up to you to hunt it down before it evolves. Trappers will need to use their class die and hope for a lock down so a dome can be thrown again.

Evolution will be determined by a few factors on my end. You will be working hard to get rid of a monster’s shields and cut into its hearts as best as you can. Shields can repair but health cannot. Keep after a monster until it is neutralized.

(I think I have all of the major points here. I have the grid numbered but will be adding in some basic terrain elements which I will post today, along with your first glimpse of the monster.)


The First Dome:

Blue: Water features
Tan: Tall Pillars/Cliffs
White: Standard level ground


Just a promo of what you’ll be up against first:


Is there a limit on distance you can travel in a turn? Say, would it be possible to go from 13 to 20 as your move?

Also, I’d like to pull up a reference on this:

What are it’s capabilities and range?

Also, what is the max distance of the beam for Med Guns?


How exactly do we roll for our pets? I know each one has different abilities and what have you, but should we roll 1d6, 2d6, or what exactly? And what determines a successful attack for our pet?


Basically your pet will use your stats and roll 2 dice, same as your character. If you want it to make an attack, you would roll versus your own Strength. If it succeeds your pet will do 1 damage.

Some pets, however, have special abilities that require rolling and certain constraints…like the blitz leopard has a special attack which can be called upon once per battle (per dome) if a success is rolled, which is specified in its ruleset.

@RoboSensei I prefer to keep it simple. There’s no limit on your own personal distance. You can run from one side of the dome to another. Presume all med guns or healing/shielding apparatus have infinite length to be able to get to their target…as long as line of sight is had and no cliffs are in the way.

Some things I haven’t really detailed enough, like your device there. In this case, with a deploy-able shield or mine etc…I will assume that it’s range will be the square on the grid it is deployed in and 4 squares around it: North, South, West, East. Once deployed, which will not require a special action - just toss it out when you want - it will last for the duration of the dome unless the grid it sits in is hit by a monster ability. Be sure to toss it out early.