"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


If you guys don’t mind, I could get things going sooner if I don’t illustrate the monsters out and maybe use some of my older images as stand-ins. I’m just not feeling up to the art aspect of it yet. If you don’t mind that, we can probably start the fighting tomorrow.


Ah I missed this earlier. The shield can be activated and thrown to possibly negate damage a hunter is about to take because monster abilities do take some charge time and you could potentially throw that and hope for the best, so to speak. It would be a 50/50 thing I’d probably roll for on my end if it negates damage or not, and you’d have to retrieve the shield to use it again in another battle of course. It is possible though, as long as you’d have a straight line of sight to the hunter with nothing else in the way according to the current grid.


I don’t know about anybody else, but I’d rather wait and see the new stuff you have for this.



How you been feeling, @SledgePainter? I hope you’re doing better!!!


Yes, thank you. I’m not 100% still, having some breathing issues but…I’ve sketches up the monsters you’ll be facing…all save 1, and plan to ink them Monday and hopefully get started.


Maybe one more kitty will stimulate those healing ‘warm fuzzies’~

This is Munchie~

I saw him on the sidewalk while at a friend’s house, and he just walked right up~


Feeling better @SledgePainter?


I am much better today. I can kinda breathe out of my nose sometimes now. I’m amazed at how difficult I found eating and talking to be when I am a nostril breather. My husband is a mouth breather and I could NEVER get used to that. I had to take pauses to chew my food and breathe and I panted having to go up and down the stairs. Ridiculous.


That music got me so fucking pumped! Let’s do this thing, damnit!!!


Just a disclamer, I named the Mewt A’aron


Also axilla… avoiding rival won’t get you jackshit. Except annoyed.


Exacly, and interacting with monthz wont give you anything, except scratch marks. owo


Ugh, Rival just wants a non-Rival!!!

I’ll show myself to the door.


Is that a challenge? Argus is pretty good at performing immobilizing hugs~


Was so tempted to have rival say to skibs, “you’re stupid, right? Blitzleopards are some of the top predators of shear, and if one is on high alert with a spotter dead at this distance, you fucking run or get ready for a fight.”


All hunters participating in this battle please roll your two dice so you can be given a place location within the dome. Not everyone needs to respond quickly, and some of you may not be around, so in that case I will apply numbers for you. Being the first real monster battle I will go over some rules before everyone officially engages.


It occurs to me that no one can start at position 1 on the grid.


That is where the monster goes.


Oooh. Gotchya.