"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER





That fucking moment when a semi serious side chat for a roleplay becomes cat and meme filled…


It stopped being serious when Rival started eating cereal with other dimensional beasts of war.


Shut the fuck up. It has already been decided by sledge herself that I have this allowed.


No, it’s been decided by Sledge that you can do it, but we can interpret it any way we want. And I choose to interpret it as you being a psychopathic hippy who ate one too many berries. :slight_smile:





Lol you guys…

Also, I don’t know what exactly is going on. I’m in some extreme head pain. While I would blame this on sinus pain from being sick, my nose is mostly clear and I only have to blow it every half hour maybe. When I put my head down my eyes turn into watery rivers, and when I walk I can feel the footfalls up into my brain, making the pain worse. I can feel my heartbeat in my eye. I’m starting to feel concerned that I may have some other hidden issue like a tumor or something I’m in so much pain. Unsure what to do…I took Pseudofed but I swear it made everything worse and that’s the strongest decongestant I have.

My hubby has been feeling better and is back to daily life, although with a super runny nose and sneezing, but I’m resorting to mostly staying in bed since basic things are too much for me. I’ve forced myself to eat even though I’m not hungry. I threw up yesterday for some reason unknown to me since I barely ate anything.

It feels like an elephant is stepping on my head and it throbs…but if I take my hands and crush against my temples it actually feels a ton better! I wish I could put my head into a vice because I think it would help the pain…who knows why. Anyway, I really hope I am better tomorrow. This has gone on too long.


Is that a baby Blitzleopard?


'Tis a plushy.


Can it be a real thing?


In the RP?


No, in the real world.


I don’t know, maybe.


I will not accept this as an answer. Give me another.


I am incapable of acquiring knowledge on this until further testing, though it may perhaps be possible.


My favourite flavor of cheesecake is more.


There’s multiple things it could’ve been flagged for, including being off-topic. It should say what it was flagged for in your “Post Flagged” message, if that’s any indicator.


where were you flagged? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t.


why are you ranting about the forum system here? xd