"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


That’d probably be illegal, among other things. Intellectual property and all that.


Would you really object to Quibbles becoming an actual Evolve character though? :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends on if I am getting paid or not.


You get paid in Mammoth Birds.


First round of combat with a monster…

Insert Super Smash Bros: Melee reference here

You two are giving me many ideas~ Also, this glorious tool comes to mind since I am currently 100% Twilight Princess to beef up my Amiibo for the new game coming out…


finally got to it.

Because of my stone age tools, i can’t put Spectre next to my character without her covering rival weirdly or being turned into a saggy sack. Yes, i know that could be taken wrong. DON’T.


Has everyone decided on what their critters will be? Last call for pets!


Feeling very physically week since yesterday. I suppose the weekend took it out of me more than I expected. I hope to bounce back soon but I’m just not up to sitting behind the PC and doin’ stuff today. When I do get back into it the thick of it we’ll be heading out and will be getting into the heat of battle.


Got sick along with the hubby last night. His friend and his kids all had colds so…looks like we got what they had. Terriffic. Anyway, I’ll be spending the next couple days in bed, sorry guys.


You’re good. I got one heckuva cold meself. Besides, you’re in control of this. It advances at your pace. If that means a week, that means a week. Get better soon, Sledge!


I hope you feel better~

Here is a picture of my cat to fill you with warm fuzzies~



i have had 3 in the last 4 weeks. think the worse is over!!!.. <3


I was ready to go to school, about to walk out the door, when the district called and ordered another snow day. I actually wanted to go today…


(One of Snowflake’s kittens)


Why are random people posting cats in our chatter :scream:


Because they want to cheer Sledge up.


This is when we picked her up over a year ago. She’s a looot bigger now.


Reeses cosplaying as Stitch.


Also this.