"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER






Also why are you here?


Because I am monumentally bored.


Fair enuff


Link for those who are interested.


Need to see you draw a Mewt. :slight_smile:


I’ll try sometime :slight_smile:


New years eve
My myself…
This is my life now.

Also I just relized that Mewt can be spelled like Mute and its the same lul.
(Gosh im bored)


I have to actually bother to write about Quibbles strapping his rail cannons to Lady Victoria. That’s what the whole setup was for to begin with.


That’s absolutely 100% beautiful.


Were those your only weapons?


Even if he chose to put his primary and secondary onto the Mammoth, or similarly to Argus that preferred more assist-like weapons to gunfire, everyone is still considered to have a pistol or two on hand, so they can fire during an attack. In Quibbles case, his attack would probably count as the Mammoth bird’s fire. It’s all in good fun. And I know Argus will probably mainly be more for Melee. I actually picture his claw arm to extend a good many yards like a claw-arm toy machine to get prizes. I imagine him whipping it towards the enemy to attack, heh.


I have a really busy weekend this weekend so I will be off and on, unsure if I can play much during. My hubby’s having some friends over and they are bringing their dog, twin infants, and toddler. It’s gonna be crazy here.


I imagined that he could spin the blades to form a buzzsaw.


Quibbles has a crossbow rifle thingy as well.


There you go, some nightmare fuel


So I had this conspiracy theory earlier.

What if this is all like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Sledge is secretly working for 2K and making this game to see which of our characters will last until the end and then they’re sent to 2K for T6?


Highly unlikely and illogical.


That’s exactly what Sledge wants you to think.