"Taming Planets 101" CHATTER


Wrong. She cut the harness off.


If sledge decides that, oh well. But alpha predators are rather intimidating.


Not me, I collect likes. The more hearts I see the more warm fuzzies I get.

Also, I don’t think the leopard will sprint off just yet…but dang Rival, why you gotta be so hardcore? You’re dancing with fire.


Gotta be the best of the best of the best of the best of the best. Of the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, she’s slightly wild. Cruelty to animals big no-no and all that.


But you’re simply a deranged forest-child who ate too many berries and thinks that giant fire breathing-lightning shooting monsters are your parents, not an alpha predator. :slight_smile:


Shut the fuck up. They are the alphas of shear ever since those pesky humans started invading


But the humans were there first? :thinking:


And not even from this universe. Can’t claim that they aren’t the ones invading when there are details like that.

Also, one of the two people Skibs isn’t concerned about is Quibbles? What am I doing wrong here?..


For all the things Lord Thornberry is, bad at killing isn’t one of them. Plus I believe he recently crafted a dual-railgun exosuit. ‘The Big Book of Intergalactic Greetings’ clearly stats in chapter 3 that you must be nice and agree with everything railgun-toting royalty asks of you.


I unfortunately did a little retconing @SledgePainter. It was too much to try and explain her silence throughout the absence so she was off doing some resting and toe nail polishing privately. Felt it was for the best.



Please show Kat a venom hound puppy


So I see how you say the Spotters are a bit skittish and need trust with their owners. In my demeanor on my Char Sheet I wrote that I could connect with wildlife. Would that be OP?


So I’ve started writing some back story FanFic for Katherine. I meant to only write a little to start this evening but I ended up writing like… Almost 7 pages. If anyone is interested in reading it let me know. I’m actually having a lot of fun with it.


Not in this case, no. Assume your animals basically fall under your control unless I ask you to make a roll for intimidation or something towards it. There may be times when I mention what the animal does during battle (such as gets too timid or too aggressive) but you’d be able to roll to control it and get it back under control in that case. For the most part though, you can role play for your own critter without needing dice…they are highly trained, you see, Benson spared no expense and he guarantees it!


Why not create a thread to post it in? There’s a lot of folks that have made little stories and threads about them, so why not you too? Be cool to have more back-stories besides a few paragraphs.


I think there are too many creative writing threads as it stands already. I don’t want my work to be lost in the tide.



You just couldn’t resist, could you?


Yes. Its to hard