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I am planning to maybe run a forum-based, Evolve-related, RPG adventure. Note that I say maybe because I want to gauge the interest level first since it presents a considerable investment of my time and artistic energies. It will also require an investment of time on your behalf as well. This would be perhaps a little different than your typical RPG like Dungeons and Dragons…it would be silly, involve art on behalf of myself and you, and be a very light type of game. It would be run in 5 main chapters (like a story) which could span a real-life good amount of time, factoring in that it’s all done via the forum and response time of players can vary (time windows will be provided for dice rolling responses on behalf of participants).

Potential players must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an active member on the forums and visit at minimum every other day to keep up with the RPG thread.

  2. Own at least 2 D6 dice…also a third D6 in a different color.

  3. Be willing to tell a brief description of your actions when you post, along with dialog for your character. However, this is not a book we’re writing…short, funny, and sweet is best. Creativity is heavily desired, along with imagination.

  4. Own colored pencils or some other coloring apparatus (can use PC software), and be willing to color and otherwise do what is required to your character sheet before and during play.

  5. Own a printer and a pair of scissors so you can print and cut out elements of the game. Optionally, if you have and know how to work software like Photoshop, you will not need a printer as long as you can cut out and paste elements onto your character and then post that to the forum as need be.

  6. Own some glue or tape so you can alter your character sheet as needed with the printed and colored elements.

*Note, you do not need to be any good at artwork in general to participate, but cutting, pasting, and coloring will be required.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in this, let me know. I would need at least 8 devoted players although I could add more depending on interest, but no more than 12.

Send me a PM if you want in.

Current Slots:

  1. @The_Little_Jay
  2. @DarkMesa
  3. @ben10decillion
  4. @Ryaneko
  5. @RoboSensei
  6. @I_T_U
  7. @niaccurshi
  8. @Muvanum
  9. Axilla
  10. Rossowns
  11. Alex Versnel
  12. Mecha_Neko

Fallback List:
None Currently

"Taming Planets 101" RPG Thread
"Taming Planets 101" RPG Thread
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@DarkMesa ran something similar a while back.


I could do 1, 2 and 3 but then 4, 5 and 6 take the downfall


It went alright. The problem was lack of communications from the people who were interested in it. So someone left without notifying anyone and that ended things.

Furthermore, Sledge’s requirements are moderately strict, so some people are going to be left out because of them. (Albeit not for bad reasons.)

Anyway, I would be interested but can’t participate. Don’t own a printer. And I am not too sure about the dice either.

I would recommend you make more use of internet resources @SledgePainter

I used google docs and gave all the participants access to a personal character sheet. I found it worked quite well.


Sounds like a good thing, I’d like to take part but I also don’t want to deny other people the opportunity. Can I be a reserve? I wanted to do the one darkmesa set up last year but life commitments got in the way!

Also, you should get a discord Chanel set up in the evolve discord for this, for any more concentrated periods of back and forth, plus possible voice chat usefulness


Hmm, if one does not have a printer but is still able to cut out components and attach them to their character sheet (like using Photoshop or some other program) this would work…but the elements still need coloring, again can be by PC. Dice can be stolen from any board game you might already have.


I… don’t actually own bored games.

Although I have a set of dice from when I got into liar’s dice a little while back.


Never really had experience / interest in RPGs of this type, but considering this is Evolve and a good group of people, I might be willing to give it a shot.

Basically you’re gonna have to teach me everything ;~;


This will work. When it comes to the dice of a different color…you can roll one separate for the purpose.

Don’t worry, I aim to keep it simple for everyone to follow along. :slight_smile: It’s light fun.


How far along have you come in terms of conceptualization?


I would love to but some aspects are not too feasible for me…


So, like… Evolve D&D online? I’m down.


I meet all the requirements except for the printer(which i do not personally own one…but I have access to a printer every Monday) plus I like to consider myself a half decent artist and my dedication to evolve is greater than ever…so with your approval I would love to join


I’ve formulated the first chapter and have an idea of where it’s all headed for the subsequent chapters but it’s not fully fleshed out yet. I need to draw up the character sheets and such, which will take a decent amount of time to do, even for a simple job, and during that I’ll be planning for the rest, and what mini-games I plan to employ. Some decision making will be necessary both as a group and solo decisions…group decisions will be had by vote. But it’ll all be pretty light-hearted. I don’t want to create a too-rigid story since I want it to also grow out of the participation of the players, but there will be set goals to make and an ending final battle…and I think fans of Evolve will enjoy that.

Even those that are not participants can of course watch along and probably enjoy the story of the game.


This is a big deal of course. I understand real life gets in the way sometimes but participants that are unable to continue with the game will need to tell me, or I will simply carry on without them and write it somehow into the story their absence if they don’t inform me they must back out. I don’t think anyone will, though, once they get involved with the character design sheets and what-have-you. Part of the requirements is that you must actively put some effort into it physically and I think that will get people to be a little more involved and want to see the game through.


This can work. As long as you have access to a printer once a week I can see that being do-able.


I’d be interested, but I’m not sure if I can keep up a regular schedule in terms of being on the forums, now that I’m in school :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea my mom has a printer and I can even send her files to print for me if I couldn’t be there so that is no problem


Curious to see how this goes.

When I first got my hands on evolve I wondered how well itd translate to a board game. Table top RPG would be damn neat too done right.


A table top RPG of Evolve, a genuine game, is best left in the hands of Matthew. This…will be light-hearted. You will see what I mean if I get to my goal of 8 and start doing the character artwork.