Talking with the Monster


I hope this fits in this category…

My friends and I were wondering if it would be cool if when the monster got domed by the trapper, that we’d be able to communicate with him/her for the time being.

…just a thought


It does fit in the category but I think Feedback would be better fitting.


for what reason

to trash talk each other?

if so then hell yeah Kappa


of course…why else??

I know if I got domed i’d be screaming the whole time like…“oh my God! oh my God! ahhhhhhh”


And yeah sounds kind of cool maybe also the monster can talk during the Evolution as a taunt.


If you got a full group of five friends, you can set alltalk on and just use something else for your team comms.

Unless you’re a console peasant, that is.

EDIT: Also, chnaged category to feedback. Here’s hoping nobody minds.


Consoles have party systems that can be used.

Unless you’re a PC Master Scum loljk


How dare you.


You started it sir :smirk:


Dome goes down

You came into the wrong neighborhood, mothertrucker!


I looooove talking to the other team!

It’s so much fun when I have four other people to play with because honestly, the matches where hunters and monster can talk are the absolute best! So much trash talk, so much boasting that turns sour! It builds a ton of camaraderie that I honestly don’t see in pubs.

Four people with mics against another person with a mic. You feel so connected to everyone! The monster is an actual enemy, instead of just a target! I loooooove it!


If I got trapped as the monster I would scream into my mic.
“I’m not trapped in here with you! You’re trapped in here with me!”
Then I’d proceed to massacre them!


This is why I want open chat in public games even if it had to be unanimously voted for every match! Maybe have an option in game settings for “always ignore hunters when playing as a monster” for those monsters that want the silent experience all the time.


I still don’t have evolve but that seems like a nice feature cause with the behemoth dlc I bought with xbox live rewards money and when I get evolve I can say You think you trapped me in with you when actualy you trapped yourself in with me laughs evily


I get way to into this game. I’d honestly just be roaring into the headset as monster, people would tell me to shut up. :laughing:



Pushes talk button

Thrash talk


I’d like a way for Hunters to communicate with Monsters and vice versa, because sometimes hunters gets bugged and me personally would vote a restart if it were to happen.

Best way to allow communication is to use a list or radial command system of set amount of comments(this is to prevent verbal abuse) and what not. Adding a cooldown period in between chats will prevent abuse.


Custom games DO have the “shared voice chat” option that lets monsters and hunters talk throughout the game. Or you could set up some out-of-game chat client.

I agree it adds a lot more ‘life’ to the game when you can randomly talk during the chase if desired, or especially following good moves in combat to comment on them. While there’s valid reasons to NOT let the monster hear what is being planned or seen, so they don’t know how effective their sneak is/isnt being or similar; it feels like an in-game toggle would be appropriate to turn alltalk on/off as desired.