Talked my Laz down from team failure

I was playing a game with randoms last night where i was Jack, trapped a Wraith really quickly, and things were going well until our Assault revived the support. I was the only one using a mic, tried to tell him to stop, but it was too late. Our Laz must have gotten mad (rightfully so) and put down his controller, cause we all continued the chase, and he sat there. I then used my expert hostage negotiation skills to talk him down, and told him I wasn’t interested in losing rank points while he sulked, went back and shot him in the face a few times, and he finally rejoined. We ended up beating that Wraith, and he even got to revive once or twice. The power of communication. Gotta remember, if playing with randoms, some might be new, so you gotta take a second to explain things if you want the experience to get better.



I was recently accused of being a bully in another thread for suggesting I would do exactly what you just said.

Some of the people that play this game are a little soft skinned. Sometimes you have to be the voice of reason, or like I say - The adult in the room.

Good job!


“I will not try to resurrect the monster.”

“Alright. No need to sulk.”



Could have used more than ’ hide bucket hide’ in match just now… @eyedoc81

Laz paid a heavy price!

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We had no hope

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GG small world :slight_smile:

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