Talk about a brutal game


One mishap One accidental down by wildlife
One megamouth or carnivorus plant
Can and probably will lead to a team wipe
You get punished so hard for mistakes
But thats what makes it interesting and exciting so every match isen’t the same win or lose


One Wildlife blunder doesn’t necessarily mean the monster will win, it just gives it a minuscule time advantage, as the more time your friends spend saving you, the more time the creature has to get away.


yeah if you just kinda got caught by plant tryrant or mega mouth
but if you get killed or downed the monster gets a free down or end the game there depending on who was killed/downed


This game is a Darwinist’s wet dream.

Adapt (win) or go Extinct (lose/quit). Which is a breath of fresh air when most games hold your hand through out. I wouldn’t mind if they introduced more deadly wildlife and environmental hazards like acidic raid, damaging hail or lightning.


random lightning would be interesting during the storms, but a constant downpour of damage wouldnt be a very good idea.


The existing hazards are avoidable, which makes them more about skill. While I’m all for adding new types of hazards, they have to be visible and avoidable like existing hazards (that’s why the existing ones are fun; it’s always your fault if you get hit by one, or it’s the result of your enemy punting you into one)

So acid rain, damaging hail/lightning would only work if the arena had a good deal of cover. This turns it into a skill thing, where it’s a player choice to take the damaging shortcut through the rain.


There is already a great deal of cover, and not every match as a storm. And not every storm would have generated threats in it. You would have to listen and adapt to the information given to you. Crackling and buzzing for incoming lighting, the clattering of broken crystal as hail is about to strike, the rain taking on a different hue.

Look at how many of the maps have damaging water. The way the water table and evaporation works those particles would be drawn up too. It is all one giant cycle, no reason to think the weather would be any easier on the people than flora or fauna.


Lightning could show a quick flash before hitting in a area making it dodgeable


You either git gud or die trying to put it simple


It’s true, one mishap by the hunters can be instantly seized upon by even a decent monster, at which point the game is lost. The point at which a monster’s mistake is instantly jumped on and used to effectively end the game seems to come at a much higher skill level, though.