Tales from the borderlands ending discussion [SPOILERS!]


That’s cool to know!

Thank you for bringing that up, buddy!


actually, here is a theory I’ve been cooking up, and have been dying to show someone.

the reason that Jack died is because he never had a New-U account in the first place, as a matter a fact, if you know Jack then you will know that his ego is larger then a badass constructer, he probably thought he didn’t need a New-U and faced the consiquences, massively. the reason that Roland died is that Jack didn’t want it so that if he so happened to kill one of the original Vault Hunters they would come back from the dead, so he banned their DNA from the New-U station permanently. As for YOUR Vault Hunter, Jack wanted to make money off you, continuously dying.


That’s actually a very good theory too!

Also ties in with the whole “Kill Yourself” mission too, I suppose!


Krieg has an idea… -shivers at that thought-


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I don’t know, that sounds really sketchy and there are other deaths in the Borderlands lore. For a while they just said that the New-Us are purely for gameplay purposes, are you sure that a dev said they’re canon to some parts of the story?

Jack’s desire for money sounds a little out of place too. More than anything he expressed a desire for power (and to be a hero in his own image of one), as well as a desire to have you killed when you mess with his plans.


For as far as i remember my experience as regular forumer in borderlands forums, yes, new-us are canon in some parts of the lore.


Hell a lot better than life is strange. I think they find the gift of instant teleportation, kinda like the traveller’s. It will probably best gift you can have in Pandora if it allows you to take your love one off a shithole like Pandora.


It’s a shame we’ll never get a proper conclusion since Telltale is shutting down. It’s sad, I mean, I was really invested in the story. And, no, TT can’t end it because they’re down to a team of 25, so they can only quickly wrap up their remaining games.


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