Tales from the borderlands ending discussion [SPOILERS!]


I hope so
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Was anyone really bothered by Zer0’s voice in the final episode? It was really weird for some reason.

Aside from that, that was a great final episode! Episode 4 still has to be my favourite one though, but man that final fight in the last episode was really fun especially with the team you picked!

Also, I NEVER saw the Stranger being Loader-Bot coming at all, thought it might have been somebody like Lilith or someone else but I guess it all kind of makes sense in the end!

I have many questions about where Fiona and Rhys disappeared to at the end though.


they disappeared to see the sales bro


am I the only one who picked the secret vault hunter?


Yep, spent too much money in car and dress xD


Now the questions we have to answer about what will happen next in the borderlands universe:

  1. Will Atlas corp. be back? Even without Rhys who disappeared?
  2. Hyperion is definetely gone, and the Children of Helios are born from Hyperion’s ashes. What will they do on Pandora? Will they become also bandits?
  3. What will happen to the Catch-a-Ride system?
  4. Did Fiona and Rhys actually disappear? Or they simply got out of the Vault of the traveller? If so, what was there in the Eridian mysterious box?

  1. it’s entirely possible Atlas will come back as a ally, as all of the CL is gone
  2. with Vaugn as their leader I doubt they will become bandits
  3. Springs or Ellie will probably maintain them now, unless GB brings scooter back.
  4. they probably left to return back, the disapearence was probably a symbol of some sort, and hell knows what was in it.

also, you don’t have to save money to get the SVH, you just need to get Felix as a partner.
you wanna know who it is?


I killed felix xD


do you wanna know?







Oh god lol


But wiat… this couldn’t be possible!
Claptrap isn’t a vault hunter since Jack removed the vaulthunter.exe file from claptrap before Borderlands 2 (story-wise)! And tftb is post-borderlands 2!


he actually hooks wubstep guns (I think?) up to Gortys and cusses a lot more, also he drives Vasquezes car.


[quote=“reactiveisland5, post:54, topic:74418”] Also he drives Vasquezes car

I’m done


I think everyone is forgetting the new-u stations makes it very easy to bring back main characters without it making no sense


New-Us are non-canon. explaining why Roland doesn’t come back.


Like the next person said, Roland is permanently dead. I just think that because Scooter was killed of camera and in a side series, it’s very possible he’s not dead. I can’t believe they won’t bring him back in some way in BL3.


I thought it didn’t work for Roland because he quit being a Vault Hunter and that New-U stations only work for Vault Hunters.

That’s just my crazy theory, anyway!


I can confirm that Roland is dead definetely. I followed a lot, A LOT, of discussions about roland’s death, on gearbox’s forums and on twitter. New-u is a canon system to borderlands lore in some parts of it. Not entirely. Also we discussed about the fact that roland and handsome jack died permanently in borderlands 2. In some way, as far as i remember, jack disabled the new u system while roland was inside the angel room, because he was sure to kill roland and predicted what lilith would have done. Same thing with jack’s death. He was sure to kill the vaulthunters with the Warrior and so he disabled the new u system to make sure to make them disappear once and for all, but he didn’t know that the warrior wasn’t invincible and so he got killed by the surprisingly defeat.
Anthony burch knew that this explainations were a little bit stretched but it was the only way to make it canon to borderlands lore.
Also jack’s desire of money was so much, that he didn’t want the vaulthunters to die definetely so he could earn something from them dying.