Tales from the borderlands ending discussion [SPOILERS!]


Scooter is destined to die no matter the choices.


Oh hell no. They better not kill off Scooter in a fucking spinoff game. I don’t mean to be offensive about the series, but it’s not even a main game and from what I gather it’s style is completely different to Borderlands (that is to say that not everybody that’s into Borderlands will pick it up). Scooter was a really big character. All I can imagine is people that loved Borderlands 2 buying Borderlands 3 and wondering where on earth Scooter is.


Scooter died in Episode 4 of “Tales from the Borderlands”. He dies no matter the choices and yeah, I was rather annoyed that:

A. They killed him off.

B. It’s in a spin-off

C. Had I not known that I would’ve wondered where the hell he is.

Scooter played a pretty big role in the game (albeit he only showed up twice I believe) until they killed him off.


Yeah that kinda surprised me, not for being in a spin off but since he was a big character in the borderlands lore. But i’m trying to reason how the consequnces of tftb would fit in the Great War announced at the ending of tps


Indeed they said before the release of tftb episode 1 that this game would explain some facts before borderlands 3 (eventually). Also if you don’t have tftb, as a huge fan of borderlands series i highly recomend it to you!


P.S What if Rhys and Fiona actually just left the Vault and it jump cut to after they left.

The world may never know…


I don’t mind him being killed off, in a sense. I love it when a story doesn’t pull it’s punches and will hurt you like that (sort of like Roland dying), but it just feels pretty wrong that he’s offed in a game that you wouldn’t pick up if you’re only into the main series.

Scooter dying in Borderlands 3 or something, provided they make the death good (though honestly I’m the sort of guy who doesn’t mind big characters being killed in small ways, like if he was captive and killed, because that’s life), would be awesome.

See, this is the sort of thing I can get behind. I love spin off stories that happen at the same time of the main story, but out of sight, and have an impact on the main story. It’d be awesome if they influenced part of the war (maybe not the whole thing but if this has anything to do with planet hopping like with all the vaults at the end of Borderlands 2 it’d be interesting to see at least one zone have a TFTB influence).


Lower caps


You know how borderlands 3 will be imo?
Huge… DAMN HUGE… and MMORPG-like


It’d be pretty awesome. I liked the ending of Borderlands 2, the whole idea of travelling between worlds just to go for these vaults was awesome. Makes it easy to throw in all of Borderland’s characters as NPCs too. Sadly the whole war seems like it might contradict that :confused:

I mean, imagine hopping to a world where Jakobs and Vladof are at war. You get to meet the actual leaders that you hear on the radio all the time.

The biggest thing though… Borderlands 2 characters, because they likely won’t be playable I reckon, need to be NPCs. I want Gaige and Salvador talking to me!

Or, you know Maya talking to me and saying “Meet up with Salvador, he has an idea.” the most terrifying words you could possibly utter in Borderlands. That, Krieg has an idea or “you’ll be working with Salvador and Brick on this one”.


I thought it was okay. I loved getting to assemble my own vault team! I expected a cliffhanger because I think they end all their series that way. At least the ones I’ve played.

I will say, I was disappointed that they didn’t explain why Athena was kidnapped or really how she escaped. I also would’ve loved some more cameos throughout. Marcus, Zed, etc. The few they did were great, but more!


Bothered me too, but I could see them bringing him back and writing off his “death” humorously as they tend to do.


the other 3 weren’t even original besides the Crimson Lance, all the others are actually just gun companies.


Scooter: so… yous thought I was dead… WELL GUESS WAT BITCH!
He’s still alive!!

???: guess who else is back minion!
yes, he’s still alive too…


Maybe Tales from the Borderlands Season 2? Like what they did with the Walking Dead series? I could see it happening. I personally really enjoyed the Telltale series and wouldn’t be surprised if they did a season 2. I got so damn invested into those characters


we need an entire season dedicated to either on eof these:

  • Claptrap
  • an entire 5 episodes of where you cycle through the 4 BL2 vault hunter’s in their adventures
  • figuring about what happened to Rhys and Fiona.


Well if they do a season 2 it’ll obviously have to follow Rhys and Fiona again


or, you know, we could do shit that doesn’t involve killing off character’s important to the story? who’re they gonna get rid off? Zed? Athena? f**king Claptrap?


Borderlands 3? I think that maybe lilith will die if she keeps using eridium


she isn’t forced to like Angel, and they won’t kill off any more of the original cast,