Tales from the borderlands ending discussion [SPOILERS!]


I just ended the final episode of tales from the borderlands and i felt like, damn, it was a great story but the cliffhanger ending kinda left me like “OH GOD, WHERE DID RHYS AND FIONA GO? WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT WILL HAPPEN??? DAMN YOU TELL TALE GAMES, I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW T-T”
So i wanted to ask you your impressions and/or speculations about the ending


I did find that kinda of odd. I personally noted a lot of hints that one or more of these characters might be playable in Borderlands3 but I have no idea what happened with them disappearing. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe they were teleported to some kind of hidden room where the real treasure lies?


Same thing but i think that the eridians are something pretty huge for borderlands 3…


Makes sense. It would also be the most likely returning bad guys, assuming they don’t make a new villain like they did for the other three.


One thing that im curious about is that im sure atlas would have returned in borderlands 3 for sure since rhys became the ceo… but he disappeared! .-. Damn telltale games, you crush any chance to speculate.


What if a villain takes over Atlas and Borderlands3 is about finding the Vault that Rhys and Fiona are trapped in?


Is there any kind of hint or speculation that anything to do with Tales from the Borderlands will even be in the main series? Thought it was purely a side thing. I’d kinda prefer it to stay out honestly.


No, it’s all part of the storyline


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I know it’s considered actually part of the storyline, but what I mean is have they said this will actually show up in the main games or is it something canon that is happening out of sight at the same time as the main series?


We don’t know, but i assume that the consequences of tftb will be considered for sure in borderlands main games


Especially the choices that went down no matter what you picked. I’d rather move away from Handsome Jack and not have him show up depending on whether you crush him or not. I’m talking about things like Scooter being dead and Helios being a base with cult followers being in the 3rd one.


Oh i see lot of things with the children of helios group for borderlands 3…


I just hope that Vaughn isn’t made into some kinda villain, but maybe being an NPC that we get quests from on behalf of the Children of Helios.


Is Tales From the Borderlands a series of games or just one game? I honestly never liked the idea of the series, but Borderlands is my favourite game series and I’m considering getting Tales just to know what might affect the lore in Borderlands 3.


It’s one game but it’s spread accross five episodes (chapters) If you do buy it I highly recommend getting the season pass as this will give you the whole game at a discount and also give you bonus stuff in BL:TPS. Plus every Trophy, even the Platinum, are given to you just for playing and finishing it so that’s a plus.


Bonus stuff in TPS is always nice. Love that game. I could go into what I’d like to see in Borderlands 3 but that’d be fairly off topic when you lot are on about Tales From the Borderlands. I’ll take a look, thanks.


You’re welcome :smile:


Oh, and you can also demo the first episode if you’d like to try before you buy.


I’d be playing it on Steam, looking at it now. The only thing advertised on Steam is “Tales from the Borderlands”, though what’s showing is all ep 5 stuff. It’s £18.99. Would that be the full series?

Edit: Also, did somebody mention Scooter dying as something you didn’t have a say in?