Taking Requests! (Have me make a story for you)


Since I just got done writing short stories for the Mods and our new leaders, I’d like to do more! So if anyone would like to have a story written up, just go ahead and ask. It can be about anything, no limitations.

Links to my past work: Your Dragon and Your Butterfly A Brotherly Bond To Celebrate Buckets_Sentry_Gun and TheMountainThatRoars Mod Status To Celebrate Jedi_Warrior and ToiletWraith's Leader Status To Celebrate the Anniversary of Evolve (A gift to the dev team) My Crow Short Story! (Finally complete!)

To be a Hummingbird

I’d like one please. ^^;;

Curious as to how you’d portay me. XP


Well it all depends on what I think most accurately represents you as a person.


Have at it, then. XP


It’s gonna be focused on Oreos.


You have no proof of this!


Don’t need it. It’s what everyone associates Katt with. It would be a crime for the story not to mention them.


Eh i’ll take one.


If you wanna throw me in one, go for it.


The pink Astros command! You must obey!

Jev will be sad if you don’t make him one. He’ll be like this…

Your motivation should be this.

If I could please have one it would be much appreciated. :smile:


I would love if you could do me :wink:

Thanks bud!



ahhhh the ego commands.
If you wouldn’t mind. I’m available to be written about. I’ve cleared my schedule for the week.

To be a Hummingbird

Do one of me because I’m beautiful and you love me. :heart:


People that I’ll be writing for so far; @Katt @Rapterror @Torvald_Stavig @Jev @Seanical @Deity_Pharaoh and @Hillbilly_Deathlord. Do any of you have specific thing or arc added to your story?


This may be true. Possibly. OK, it’s true.


Do meh if you can take the challenge >:3

Don’t take that out of context.


Well have Jev in there and my old names that related to Lazarus please. :smile:


Something related to Egyptian culture or Pharaoh’s . You know me.


Torvald slays his monster for revenge. Something or another.



I feel like you’ll be able to tackle mine without any input from me :wink:

If you do though, just look at my profile page for inspiration.