Taking bullets replenish stamina?


Recently while digging around for tips, tricks, statistics, strategy for game play. I’ve read that monsters stamina (jumping and such) is quickly replenish when taking bullets. So when the dome goes down, you should not shoot at the monster because it can escape quicker than normal by jumping more from stamina bonus when taking bullets. Can anyone confirm this?


It’s true…it’s been known for a while now.•_•


Yes, damage makes the stamina of the monster regenerate faster, but if it has no armor, is usually worth to shoot him.


I think it even says so in the tutorial-videos in-game.

Also, if the monster’s armor is gone, just shoot him. Permanent damage is always good (unless your trapper is about to dome the monster, then just let him guarantee a dome first)


they should have made the hunter tutorial mandatory as well…why force one down our throats and not show the other. at least the info would get out. level 39 here and still telling ppl to please stop shooting the monster.


As much as I hate tutorials, they really should have forced people to play through one as all the classes before they’re allowed into the multiplayer. You’d think the video would be enough, but there’s always a ton of Val’s only using the sniper.


For some people that’s just their playing style. You have the Medics that focus on damage and occasionally heal, and then you have medics that focus on healing and occasionally snipe the monster. Besides, they had the tutorial in the Beta. Can you imagine being forced to play through them twice? For someone like me, who was in the Big Alpha and the closed Beta, that’d be annoying af. Sure it won’t take up that much time and it may seem like a little thing, but it’s always the little things that add up into something big.


It’s not that it replenishes stamina per se, but rather puts him in combat. In combat a monster’s stamina recharges faster and some skills have shorter cooldowns. After a distance of 70 meters or more damage taken from hunters does not produce this effect. You can ping the monster with q to check distance