Taking advantage of the Auto balance settings in Evacuation mode


I think of a possibility that can take advantage of the auto balance settings in a 5 days evacuation mode, given that all the players have almost same skill level.
First, one team will lose the first 2 matches on purpose, so that the team can get the 2 points stat buff from the auto balance.
Then starting from 3rd match, the team can start winning the match by having the 2 points stat buff.
4th match, the team still have one point stat buff with the environment effect by winning 3rd match.
Finally the defend mode, the team will get the final buff which increases winning percentage a lot.

I got the idea when I was watching the video in Evolve official youtube channel here (check time 21:27)

The environment buff for the 3rd match not really matters a lot, because the more birds effect in a rescue mode doesn’t help hunters.


The devs have said Evacuation is meant to be a fun mode, not completely competitively balanced. That’s why some map buffs can be very game-changing or very minor. As far as auto-balance goes, yes, there are a few ways you could twist it to work in your favor, but you have to give up getting your bonus xp in those matches to do so (and that xp is half the reason to play Evacuation in the first place).


Also don’t forget the benefit from winning a map is different depending on the map, so you might be giving up something much better for your 3rd round than just birds.


and another thing, hunters can vote the next map to their favors by being able to know the map buff before the voting.
for example the birds, hunters will pick hunt mode instead of nest / rescue mode.
just that I think the dev team they just simply wanted to show all the modes in that video, then they picked the rescue mode.


The way they said it ( Balance gives you increased damage/reduced incoming damage ), it made it sound like a skilled player could still take on a team that had balance stacked their way. I’m pretty sure the autobalance is not as strict as many of us imagine it to be.

Also, that value is easily tweaked, and I’m sure that, just like they did in the previous alphas, they will use statistics from the incoming Beta to fine-tune it in order for it to be fair on release.

I got faith in the team.


I can see how that would happen, but what if you lose the first two on purpose then some catastrophic messup happens and you lose the third by accident… I think people will be discouraged from taking advantage of the benefits to losing early once they get burned trying it.


Then it’s your own damn fault for trying to “cheat” the system in the first place ;D

Evolve isn’t like a wrestling match, you don’t just lie down after round three. Besides, if they "lose by accident " on round three, that just means they have more auto-balance. More power to the player that doesn’t hold back, in my opinion. I’m ready to take on any unbalanced fight without flinching, and the auto-balance system will not affect the way I play, personally.


I honestly would never lose on purpose, not even when my teammates are total idiots. However, I can see some group using that as their back-pocket strategy and then getting burned by some screw up and actually costing themselves the win.


If you’re going to be up against a skilled team/monster, the balance shouldn’t matter. Damage balance doesn’t matter when you’re just not taking damage at all, because you know when to back off. P:


if that damage bonus can stack with buffs or perks, i think it will matter. I can already tell that the damage buff is a big deal for wraith as she already slices through people quickly when she gains the upper hand.


Hot diggety damn, I hope not.

It’d be nice to have values though ( balance stages bonuses, in increments ).

@MacMan ? O:


I could see it going both ways, but if it did not stack then it nullifies certain perks / buffs. One could argue that that opens the door for someone to take another useful perk or buff though.


I’m not sure what the values are, but I doubt each ‘pip’ is more than 5% if that. Also, like any stat buff, the higher value always wins out. So if you have 4 pips and get the damage perk, you’re still only doing 35% more damage.


35% more damage is pretty big, I like to think it’s capped at 15% or 20%.

What’s the max Damage Buff perk anyway? Shouldn’t be higher than that.


35% I’m pretty sure.


Most of the winning buffs aren’t really going to help unless both teams are roughly equal in skill, bad monster can lose if even if he has armored minions final fight bad hunters won’t be able to take advantage of more carrion birds etc. I could see purposefully losing a match to give yourself more of a challenge the next map though


The ELITE perk is 35% The one you choose at the start is 15%


Yeah, well, it shouldn’t be 35%. Consider the fact that you’ll also get Incoming Damage Reduction.


The Elite perk only lasts for a short (Arguably) period of time. I’m not too worried. Also, Defense maps have no elite perks that I have seen so far. So at most it will be on Day 4.


They do have elite perks. I believe a monster picked one up during a previous stream.